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Lisa Garfinkel

Clip in tinsel.
I used to go to hair salons to get hair tinsel put in. They would tie it to individual strands of hair. I would pay for it to be done every time.It was fun to have and I constantly got compliments on it. It's just something fun that kids to adults would enjoy. Nothing too crazy. But it would come out when brushing my hair, which, in turn would require another trip to the salon to have them put it in, and it would cost. Then you just repeat this process. I got pretty frustrated with it. I had paid good money for it and it didn't stay very long. Then I would have to go back and do it again. It got to the point where I didn't have the time or money to keep doing it. But I really missed having them. So, I came up with this idea, so that I can wear them whenever I want. It became something that I couldn't afford anymore but still wanted. I started thinking about ways to do it myself. I then used that tinsel and came up with the idea of putting it together myself. It's not thick, filled with one color. It's individual strands. This way I can put it in and take it out whenever I want. I can take it out to wash, color, and comb my hair, or put my hair up, and it it back in when my hair is down. It won't get damaged when dying your hair and it won't lose its color through shampooing. That makes things so much easier. I had actually envisioned some kind of snap, something that looks like a clothespin, but obviously not a clothespin since that would hurt, or teeth, where it'd close comfortably in the hair, without damaging the hair or hurting the scalp, and there'd be small holes drilled in there where the tinsel would be threaded through/embedded.

Comfort Foam
Another idea is for shoes. Sometimes they just irritate your toes and heels. I started thinking that there needs to be some kind of foam insert that goes all the way around the inside of the shoe, protects the back of the heel from chafing, and stays inside of the front of the shoe. It would be round toe, or pointy, depending on what type it was. So, it'd be a big foam insert, of sorts. It'd be like a regular foam insert, but all connected, it would go around the whole shoe, sides, front to back, filling the front to protect the toes, to give It could be a thin, durable mesh material, or a soft, spongy material to give comfort.






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