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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Dr. Michael Owen Downs
818 389-9594

Hello my name is Dr. Michael Owen Downs. I just retired after 20 years of cosmetic and surgical dentistry in Newport Beach Cal. Over this time I have had countless patients who have needed to purchase upper (or Maxillary) complete dentures. I cant begin to tell you how many patients cant afford the several thousand dollars it costs to fabricate complete dentures. Unfortunately for them they must continue on going day in and day out living with no upper teeth. I can tell you from my vast experience that these patients (especially women), are extremely self conscious about going to their PTA meetings or simply to the market afraid to smile out of extreme embarrassment over having no teeth to smile with. I have come up with a very simple and inexpensive way to solve the problem these folks go through day in and day out. I don't want to give up. My idea for obvious reasons but let me just say, as a cosmetic dentist, it is the best idea I've come up with in over 20 years. The idea in question is something that can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy in the world and the ease of use is unparalleled!! The product would be inexpensive to fabricate and the best part is that those who choose to buy it understand that they will need to purchase others as soon as the first one has been used once or twice. This means the profit margin will be fantastic AND we will be helping many people at the same time. I am looking for an investor to partner up with in order to research and develop this product. Let me say that because this is a fairly simple product to develop, the amount of money to invest in research and development would be very little. If you think this is something you may be interested in please either email me at DocMikeGoSC@aol.com or phone me at 818 389-9594 and Id be glad to talk with you. I also have a somewhat more complicated idea about a very interesting sports website that we can speak about as well....this website, if done correctly, could be as big or bigger than Facebook (& we all know how much that is worth!!). I look forward to speaking with the first caller!!

Brian Carter
London, England

Invention of a cover, with a duplicate keypad printed or engraved on top, to sit over the keypad of Chip and Pin machines. Instead of looking at the actual keypad, the cardholder looks at the duplicate keypad on the cover while his/her hand is operating under the cover to key in his/her PIN number.
Advantages: Gone will be the days of exposing Personal Identification Numbers to the view of all and sundry at cash dispensing machines. The method will enable cardholders to truly keep their PINS secret while enjoying the thrill of mystifying onlookers who cannot see the actual keys that are being pressed under the cover.

Diane Woznicki

I don't know where to even begin. I have had so many inventions since a young age and have never produced anything from them. Instead I have watched as others many years later do them instead. I have several ideas now but no money to patent them or anything else. I am afraid of getting taken advantage of. I would gladly sell my ideas or whatever is possible. My brain has always worked of how to make everyday things better or invent brand new ideas.

Dr.Mathew T.Paul. M.D., Ph.D. (McGill University )

Coconut or palms are grown in abundance in about 84 countries in the tropical area between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Toddy was consumed by local people from the recorded time of human habitation in these areas. Since it cannot be preserved for more than 24 hours it has not been so far a drink in other areas especially the advanced countries. Toody is a sap that oozes from the unopened flower spathe of the coconut or palm trees. Spathe is cut to make the sap to seep out and also gently bruised by gently tapping on the unopened flower stalk. Then a thin slice is shaved off to freshen the sapping area, twice a day.

The ingredients of 100 ml of coconut toddy are: carbohydrate - 16.8gm., iron - 0.18gm., protein 0.22 gm.,
niacin-0.48mgm., riboflavin- 0.066mg., ascorbic acid-16.00mg.,thiamine-0.016mg., calcium-040mg., phosphorous-20.00mg., and fat-0.40gm.Non-alcoholic toddy will start fermenting by natural yeast unless it is collected in lime coated vessels and refrigerated immediately and consumed within hours. Fermentation starts in toddy within 3 hours. Carbohydrate is split and CO2 is removed from pyurvic acid to form actayaldehyde. This in turn is reduced to ethyl alcohol by nicotiamide adenine dinucleotide. Within 24 hours 5 to 7 % ethyl alcohol is present. There after 4 to 5 % acetic acid is produced and make it unpalatable as a beverage. Distilling the fermented toddy will give a rum like alcoholic beverage called arrack.Toddy is stored in containers to ferment for less than 24 hours and the material of the containers have no chance to leach into this liquid. Whereas other alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, whisky etc., are stored for months to years resulting in chemicals and elements leach into the liquor in trace quantities of which many are toxic to liver cells resulting in cirrhosis of liver. Gamma irradiation or filtration do inactivate/remove the yeast and other microorganisms and will not contain any deleterious impurities. If you can help me to find an entrepreneur who can utilize this technology, please contact me for terms for sale of the Intellectual Property Right. Hope to hear from you. Dr.Mathew T.Paul. M.D., Ph.D.(McGill University ).,Diplomat American Board of Surgery.

Crispin Bergantinos jr.

Generate electric power without using natural resources. This system is mechanical in concept and uses gears instead of a turbine.

Joe Govan

A versatile entity for keeping your teeth clean and taking your temperature. One needs a fast way of keeping your teeth clean and keeping bad breath at bay. Also they need a fast accurate way of knowing their temperature, before they go to work or school. And people need to know where to find one in emergencies. The invention claimed here solves this problem. My devise is battery powered. You push a button to turn on the brush. And you can pull my devise apart to attain accurate temperature devise in emergency when you need it. The claimed invention differs from what currently exists. It connects both devices together in one place. Please email me at joegovan@peoplepc.com.My cell phone is 240-494-6279,or leave a message if you prefer.

Himavanth Champ

I am P. Himavanth Reddy B.Tech student dealing with electronics branch, I have designed a solar powered car, this car runs/works with the electric power supplied by batteries. We are charging these batteries by solar power produced from solar panels placed on the roof of the car and also through external charging. I am sure we can make this car. Also by manufacturing this type of car we will have a great market and these vehicles are very in-expensive compared to other engine vehicles running with gas (petroleum). Please help my dream project come true so we can bring this into the automotive market . I am sure I can do this job perfectly please support me.

Jon Adelmann

I have developed a seed idea that could possibly become the largest revenue producing product the world has ever seen (Military and commercial) and I am unfortunately too poor to get a parent for the noble gig. Now I have an offer that destroys all other offers ever made in the history of man; I am willing to give 64% of all royalties to the highest bidder. I would be making 13% of all royalties but I'm confident in this idea because it's free energy, it's cheap, and it's productive. I will accept the highest bid offer, along with the money to patent the idea, for 64%, that's almost four times the amount I would receive. So your offer is a bid, the money for a patent, and a will to be extraordinarily wealthy beyond all imagination. Good tidings. Jontrueloyalty@gmail.com

My invention is designed and engineered towards perfection as it is the cheapest way to produce electricity by a system of homeostasis that is produced by magnets.

Coren VanDyke

I found this site on the web and I have an invention I would like to share with you. I have a patent and now I'm stuck going further with it due to funds. My question is if you help with funding. My invention is called the Sno Go it helps people with snow removal. I brought my idea to invent help and they are very helpful but don't offer help with funding. My phone number is 845-401-1372 if you could please call me back I would be glad to show you my invention and what it does thanks and have a nice day

Carolyn Palmer

My idea is called a bad hanger. It is for women who don't like the looks of out of shape bras. It is a regular shaped hanger with four clips to hang a bra.

Noel Allen

I have developed a non-mechanical, noise-free device, that is capable of inflating auto tires. It's function is as simple as 1.2.3 it eliminates the need to change a flat that occurred overnight, and the cost is potentially a fraction of devices that perform the same function. I would appreciate some feedback as to, viability for manufacturing and production.

Nate Mcdonald

Hello 123 Inventions, I am a photographer from the Midwest. I have been through many cameras mainly DSLR cameras, but I notice after awhile and each use it either gets scratched or collects dust! , So I came up with camera skins. Either made from silicone or plastic, basically the same idea as a protective phone case. I think with the right designs and color that these could sell easy in the photography world, for about 20-25$ tops. I am reaching out to you guys because I have no clue on how to get a prototype made or how to sell the idea. I have attached three sample photos of what I am looking to do with the cases. I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea, and how to get about things, thanks for taking the time to read this over, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Pablo Colon

I have an invention designed for the children / toddler toy market. This product will turn your child’s dream into reality, while providing comfort, safety, and security in the comfort of their own room. This product will be a perfect match to go hand in hand with many of the current top selling children’s toys such as: pillow pets, bright light pillows, stompeez, dream Lites, etc…With a simple cost efficient design and large market, this product is very marketable for any investor or company. I am seeking serious investors or companies to help produce the product. Marketing ideas have already been thought of and prototype has been created and tested.

Christian Padiou

Small power production of electricity mixed night for solar power heating, for example, or charge batteries Electric Power Generation Plant combined photovoltaic and hydraulic system.  http://hydrovoltaique.cabanova.com/

Moses Lim
6-03-89453467 or Mobile:019-2317829

I, Moses Lim S.C. am a Malaysian Inventor for the invention listed below.

Basically, this Clean Breakthrough Technology harnesses the limitless invisible Gravitational Energy from the Planet into the Prime Mover System via a charged-up (stored-up) attribute characteristics where the Massive Dynamic Output Gravitational Energy powers the Alternator to produce
electricity with the highest efficiency at lowest cost.

More specifically, this Energy System facilitates a unique cascading system of falling Water Buckets that converges and transmits the combined Multiple Gravitational Energy into its Stepped-Up Gear Train Flywheel System, where its powers the alternator effectively.

Important Note: This technology is the only Prime Mover System that has a massive storage power as it's High Output Energy.

Nigel Campbell

We have a product that we have built that uses the wasted energy from a air condition unit to produce hot water. Therefore if your company, school or Warehouses uses Air Conditioners or Chillers and also heats the rooms or water using boilers our attachment does away with the boiler and the cost to run it.

We have already installed our device in a well know restaurant in London and a school and it works amazingly well. We are looking to bring in an investor.

Mechell Williams

Greetings, my name is Mechell Williams. I invented a new innovation called the 4D-Bookpad, a very creative e-reader. I have already applied for the utility patent, application number 61568701. I am looking for interested parties to invest in this idea and bring it to the marketplace. I have attached a file for your observation, the company who produced this information is no longer involved with the progression of this innovation, they were able to help me get the idea off the ground but now it is time to move on. This invention is where technology is headed real soon. The 4D-Bookpad will be helpful to a wide range of people, for example: the handicap will be able to benefit because it will stimulate the physical senses through digital scent technology, hand sensors, air flow etc.. The blind would be able to smell different scents coming from the 4D-Bookpad as they are learning about seasons or foods or flowers, they would be able to use the hand sensors to learn colors such as the color blue gives a cold sensation in their hand. Child Development Centers would find it much easier to teach children through this interactive innovation. Also, adults would enjoy it, just think about having a cookbook that could give the scents of the recipes, or reading your favorite novel and the 4D-Bookpad interacts with what is being read and produces air flow when the character is riding a horse or sailing on the high seas. This is basically an e-reader that is creatively interactive, I haven’t went too much into detail but maybe gave you an good idea of what it is and does. Thank you, Mechell Williams 307-354-6452

Marnal Bailey

I'm wanting to market and introduce this new curtain product that I know will be successful without a doubt I have never heard or seen anything like it and I have done countless research. The truth is it's for kids who I know will love and enjoy it very much.

Shawn Felton
2405 Eastmoreland Avenue Apt.6
Rockford, IL
(815) 708 - 6475

Remophone: The invention is a telephone/television remote control. It functions as a 2 in one electronic device by letting it's consumer or uses have easy access to the phone and remote at one time. I have not made a model, I can make a model.

Osama Sanad

I’m an Egyptian man I made an invention as: An automatic Engine Working by Air Pressure and Electricity. The present invention relates to an automatic motor working by air pressure and electricity.. The currently used engines depend completely on petroleum and gas oil, which are oil products in the possession of petroleum-producing countries. In contrast, the inventive engine works by Air pressure and electricity. I want to sell this Invention. The market potential is cars, motors, machines depending on moving. I never sold or marketed my invention before I have not any trademark but I made an example motor uploaded in the you tube web site in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEtEhxcb5rk

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