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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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G Singh

Reg. invention to produce cheap electricity
Introduce my self technical consultant and engineer by profession aged plus sixty years live in northern India . I as team leader and major component to research did experiments for five years to invent methods to produce cheap electricity, done huge expenses from my sources to get final results. Now theoretical and practical facts are clear and tested.. To sell its technology world wide I need to make Demo project of 20 MW or 100 MW as per availability of funds.

At present cost of hydro electrical project range from 1700 to 2500 US $ per kw.. so cost of 20 MW project is …34 to 50 Million $ where as with my invention 20 MW project will cost only two million $ in addition to so many other benefits.. such as … less space is required , no dislocation of people due to large area requirements.. very less time required to set up the project… it can be installed any where in any corner of world where as present hydro projects need special location to set up these projects.

On receipt of funds I have to manage machinery as per my requirement so the process will be available with in six months plus ( Some very specific and high precise engineering parts- to be used in project - are to be made in USA and JAPAN, So manufacturing of these will take some time)

*The process will not involve Nuclear. Energy, Coal and present Hydro process. Rather it will produce the electricity at very cheap cost. In addition the production plants can be installed with in matter of months. The plants can be installed any where in world.* Capital investment is recoverable in very less time.

The person or company who gives funds for this research.. will be named in my research paper as help provider to complete this research. The name of person will remain with me in history for ever.

Even small information of process can not be disclosed considering its secrecy, because due to a little mistake some one will try to copy this invention techniques.

Electricity pays major role in development in today's world, The cost of electricity with this process will be much & much cheaper than any present sources in practice.. Ultimately the cheap cost of electricity will reduce manufacturing cost of each and every product in this world. It is great humanitarian project too. Specially agriculture sector will be much benefited, this sector will able to produce more grains because due to availability of electricity every where the farmers will able to make bore holes to get water for irrigation. Hence more production of grain will fill stomach of millions starving people in this world.

Other features...less investment on similar capacity project in comparison - very less time required to set up new project - project can be installed any where in world - any capacity of production plant is possible - cost of electricity will be very cheap than any other existing electricity production systems in present world.

The manufacturing process is environment friendly.

Anthony Greenland
845 282 2764

I have a Invention that's called Rapid Release, it is a pressurize canister with a ice melting solution, that is connected and release into a trailer air brake line to melt ice that build up in line which causes air brakes to be locked when trailer is park for a long period of time in a cold weather, this is a common problem that cost truck drivers and company's hundreds of dollars for a mechanic to fix. This is a easy and affordable way to fix problem. If interesting to know more about my invention contact me, I also have pictures, 3d design and animated video on how it works. Thank you.

Anthony Baker

I would like to find investors for my process to have all my prototypes finished, I have 4 household inventions and a great automotive invention, looking for a license agreement or to sell them outright, looking at getting 600,000.00 for all my drawings and any leads I have need to open a small business to pursue other products to invent thanks for your time, thanks for your time.

Gary Sires

I have a new designed invention that will help boost the Bar industry. This new dart board game will change the way we call a dart board expert into a dart board master. It will separate the everyday dart board person into a different category. They will have to be a dart board master. I'm looking for a investor they would like to hear about my design.

Randi Dykes

I work as a police officer in Texas and have to wear a bullet proof vest along with the gear, the heat is very exhausting and have seen one inventions called the "Cool Cop" where a hose hooks to the inside AC vent in your vehicle and you can run the hose inside the uniform to cool your body. I would like to submit a idea that would help officers stay cool while outside. I wanted to have a freeze gel pack insert that could be slipped inside a protective thin cloth that could rest against your body inside your vest as you work to keep you cool during the heat of the day.

Rodney Cherizo
(206) 426 - 6617

The Executive Summary and Business plan along with The AquaTush™ Product Animation are available upon request.

AquaTush LLC is a start-up company that will design and market innovative, patented bathroom products. This business plan has been developed to present AquaTush LLC to prospective investors and assist in raising $1,500,000 of capital or debt needed to begin production and launch our first product.

The bathroom fixture modification industry is a large market in its infancy. The largest target market for use of the AquaTush™ washlet is the residential market. Both homeowners and apartment renters are viable market segments within this market. These target markets are located primarily inside the metropolitan areas of the US. There were 225 million people living within those areas during the 2000 census. There were 90 million housing units: 64% occupied by owners and 36% occupied by renters. A typical household consisted of 2.5 persons per household. The bidet and washlet (conventional toilets modified with water based cleaning adaptor) is at its infancy, yet there are significant signs of expansion within the US. Home Depot has recently added a number of competitive washlets to its web-site. Additionally, the number of competitive offerings has increased over the years. All positive signs of ongoing market expansion. No current market participant has achieved a dominant market position. The same cannot be said for countries like Korea and Japan, where such devices have reached a market penetration of more than 60%.

The reasons are two-fold:
1. Most competitive offerings are too expensive for broad based market penetration, as a general rule, they excel in technical complexity.

2. The lack of broader market penetration and high expense has prevented mass retailers from offering such devices.

No industry figures are available due to the niche nature of the current market. This provides an opportunity for a new market entry that can overcome the current problems. The AquaTush™ Personal SPA is that product with a projected price target between $100 and $300 while providing all the required functionality. The AquaTush™ Personal SPA can deliver these values because of its patented technology (US 7,076,812).

The current market offering of Washlets ranges in price from $119 to $729 with a corresponding range in functionality. While the low-end offering is insufficient in functionality for a broad market appeal, the high-end offering is simply too expensive. No sales information is available for any of the offered models. It is obvious that the current market offering lacks a fully functional unit sold at a $100 - $300 price point.

There is a two-fold positive driver for market acceptance of those devices:

1. The water based anal cleaning process is far superior to the currently used dry toilet paper process.

2. The environmental impact of reducing the amount of toilet paper consumption is huge; toilet paper production is HIGHLY polluting.
Three players, TOTO, INAX, and MATSUSHITA, have design and utility patents. All other players such as Brondell are most likely resellers of Japanese, Taiwanese or Korean suppliers.

The AquaTush™ Personal SPA is an innovative, patented solution (US 7,076,812) to personal hygiene. It pampers its user while providing superior personal cleaning after toilet use for both male and female users. Adults and children can enjoy its use. Warm and soothing cleaning solutions directed toward the anal body region remove any excrement in a user-selectable manner. The cleaning solution is user-configurable by permitting the user to select soap and fragrances for a true SPA experience. While a complete cleaning of the anal body region takes only a few seconds, a user might extent its use by enjoying the massaging feeling a while longer.

The AquaTush™ SPA provides the option to dry the wet body regions with a warm soothing airflow. However, the user may also select to dry him or her with two (2) squares of toilet paper. A single swipe of the toilet paper will not only provide the drying function but also convince any user of its effectiveness. The use of two squares of toilet paper will also help in reducing the considerable toilet-paper-making pollution. Now, is this not an elegant solution, pamper yourself while helping the environment! Virtually all of the typical environmental measures call for roughing it, or forgo one or the other pleasure in life. The AquaTush™ Personal SPA offers a pampering solution for an essential hygiene function, while helping the environment.

The AquaTush™ Personal SPA is not only an excellent treatment for healthy people but works particularly well for people with general sensitivity in the rectal region of the body. Skin sensitivity to harsh toilet paper treatment is eliminated using the gentle wash function. Just a few facts: America consumes 34,000,000 rolls of toilet paper/day requiring 221,000 trees, 225,000,000 gal. of water, 161,000,000 kwh of electricity while creating 88,000,000 lbs of greenhouse gases. (Source: Brondell) According to CHARMIN Americans consume 8.6 squares of toilet paper per visit. The reduction to 2.0 squares of toilet paper per visit represents a 77% reduction in the corresponding data cited above.

The AquaTush™ Personal SPA can be installed onto virtually any conventional toilet. The installation process is simple to accomplish by virtually any user. However, in such cases where the user prefers to get it done by a professional service, such service is available through a service network. The AquaTush™ Personal SPA requires electric power close to the toilet. The AquaTush™ Personal SPA Stick-On extension cord provides power in a convenient way to the user. While it is preferred that an electric outlet is installed, the Stick-On extension cord provides the next best solution.

AquaTush LLC is positioned to address this market need with an innovative, patented product (US 7,076,812) and a management team with extensive manufacturing & engineering, order fulfillment, and marketing experience. The product is simple, yet, has full functionality and can position itself as the low cost product in the market.

The Executive Summary and Business plan along with The AquaTush™ Product Animation are available upon request.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Melissa C. Simpson
1090 East Madison Avenue, CA, 92021

Baby-Bottle Accessory: Small, simple design. Attach to bottle when feeding baby. Prevents tooth-decay and ear-infections. A very large percentage of the 680,000,000,000 people on earth are babies, bottle-fed babies. 140,000 babies born every day world-wide. In America bottle-feeding is the leading cause over 10,000,000 children under three year's of age are seen for ear-infections every year and 27% of children 2-4 years of age suffer with tooth-decay.

Trevor Booth

"A new and unique way to remove debris from fine aquarium substrate" Sand or fine particulates would be a substrate if choice for many aquarist's the world over if they were able to be cleaned in situ.

Read any blog or forum on the subject and fine substrate in any aquarium is impossible to clean efficiently without upsetting the chemical balance of the water . Components required for this system are all simple plastics that are cheap and easy to produce .

The market does not have a fine substrate cleaner only a course gravel cleaner . Be the first to bring a fine substrate cleaner to the market. Be thrilled by how this works it's a real first .

Richard C. Panek

I have a B.S. Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and I have designed a new product that will be highly desirable to private home owners/renters as well as corporate entities such as apartment complexes resorts and Amusement Parks worldwide. I have had a professional analysis performed, of which the results were printed in a basic information package that is available for viewing (after signing a non-disclosure agreement) which includes General, Production, Market and Promotional Considerations. I am looking for an investor to cover all the costs that are associated with bringing a new product to market. I am offering repayment of some or all of the investment and 35% of all profits generated, with the condition that the product is successful.

Gary Shaver
810 837 3470
E gs40@att.blackberry.net

My invention will help tremendously in the medical field, let the elderly live independent longer, help the handicap and help everyday people get less injuries at work or on the job. Without something signed, I'm not sure how much to write. I have a presentation, An animated drawing to watch. Have already gotten word from the medical field, that if I can get one in the market, that they will start installing in the hospital's. Its a potty lift. I have designed it to work 3 different way's. More on it after an agreement is signed.

Danish Khan

My name is Danish Khan, I live in Sydney Australia, it came to my mind after watching that my the front garden/porch and roof of my house is always very messy due to two massive trees in front of my house so here it is they should invent a a net/sheet made of same material from which the inside of incinerator is made and hence which will incinerate the leaves when they fell on it and they should make sure it only detects and incinerate leaves hence most leaves will be will taken care of this way and no man power is needed because many people are busy in their lives and there are other important priorities in life so we often overlook these things. There won't be any chance there will be mess on roof or front porch or driveway of our house.

Marty McKinney
2051 se Lincoln
Prineville or, 97754

After a number of years of theory and concept, I have a world changing invention. I call her E.V.E. or Electromagnetic Vehicular Engine. EVE is a reverse polarity, magnetic propulsion engine. Using reverse polarity triggers in micro-processors, pistons inside the engine (normally pressured by gas/fuel detonation) would be replaced by opposing ferrous metal pistons that are electronically switched from positive to negative resulting in torque created with NO FUEL. The engine would cool as modern engines cool, and would generate their own electronic power via modern charging systems...EVE will run virtually clean! almost absolutely NO EMISSIONS as fossil fuels are not being burnt! I am new to the "invention" world. not sure how it all work just yet, but I'm learning.

Suhib Ali
amman /jordan

I have inventions of small Heating system for body to use in the winter days, savings Energy low voltage ( new idea not use)

Reeder Wongeh

My invention is call Source , it would put the desire of buying CDs to waste, With my idea you can store all your music, files, photo on a (USB) stick and with my idea consisting of a USB receiver being install in cars you then use the USB stick in the car to play your music by shuffle if you don't a touch screen which would allow you to display photos and file. Pros and cons about invention Pro: no worries about purchasing any more CDs, better managements of music and files, no more scratches and you can use it in any car and any home entertainment center. Cons: none


Jamaal Bey

What we do for video gamers is what the U.S. Military does to its soldiers in war games. They train, give them a suit and throw them into battle.
Well, we @ Bey-Tech have created a virtual reality video game battle suit, we call Project-X. This suit launches the players into the game . Project-X alters your strategy and amplifies the games intensity by throwing you right in with the action with vibrations.

You see, the problem video hand controllers is that you can only feel the physical vibration with your hands. We are the first company to integrateour patented battle suit with video game consoles like,, Playstation 2 &3, Xbox 360, PC/MAC. We think that Project-X will be the next generation of gaming entertainment.

We are manufactures of a patented virtual reality gaming suits system that connects to console controller units. 75% of customers are single adult male adults between 18 and 35, this segment also spends the most amount of time and money gaming centers, about 10 to 20 hours a week. The market looks promising. I have a team that will assemble the suits and Cyber Cafe Consulting will help manage and set up the gaming centers. We have formidable competition out there: Local Battles Gaming center, NJ MGL ( Major Gaming League ) Competition, NY

But I want to let you know that were here to do, what they have not accomplish or thought about, and that's adding a virtual reality battle suit to there system to complete the desires and demands of gamers. Our competitors advantage is our patented Video Game Battle Suit that gets gamers closer then ever before. If you know anyone who would be interested in seeing a demo please let me know, maybe we can set up an appointment if your interested.

In conclusion I'd like to leave you with one thought, the next time you see a commercial about video games, you'll know that today you have saw a technology that will forever change the way we experience entertainment in a virtual reality gaming world. My name is Jamaal Bey, from Bey-Tech and I want to thank you for your time:) http://youtu.be/3CudLEo1LKU Video of Battlesuit with LED lights.

Quentin Milton
9221 Pagewood Ln #307
Houston, Tx 77063

Bungee Protector or Snap-Back - This little treat is for all the phone droppers, may it be on the concrete, in the toilet, jogging, walking dogs —and the list goes on. It’s a device that would save the consumer a lot of pain-staking time and hard earned money on cracked screens or completely non useable cell phones. It’s simply to be made out of thick stretchable rubber substance which goes over and around the phone. It should be designed to fit all kinds of cell phones, especially the touch screens. A bungee-like tiny, but strong string will be built into a special housing unit which is attached inside the outer protective covering. The string will be attached to a fastener, hooked or snapped casing to the lower clothes wear, and will be lose enough to use while in use. When dropped by whatever means, the phone will fall no-more than a foot or so, hitting the outer thigh and easily returns to its housing unit from wince it came. Not only is there no damage, your call possible will not be lost. And with an added bonus, with the string always being attached; there’s little chance of a person losing his or her phone on-the-go.

Jonathan Bradbery

Hi my name is Jonathan Bradbery I am 28 and live in Nottingham. I am here because I have lots of inventions and ideas I would like to get off the drawing board and in to the shops . Just to give you a clue as to the range of ideas here is a list of just a few. I have 3 new inventions for in and around the bathroom / another is a Childs toy / I all so have a fashion idea / and last but not least I invention for a lifting device for a bit of steel work on building sites that dose not only make it faster but more important makes it safer . But I have hit a wall now in the way that I have no money to get these ideas of the ground so I am looking for investor to help move things along with me. So if I sound like the kind of man you would like to work with please contact me, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Colin booker

I have a full patent for my idea/invention , which allows you to put your washing out to dry even if it is raining heavily. It can be used in direct sunlight to stop sun damage to clothes as well. In rainy weather it also collects the rainwater in a water barrel ! Use of the "weatherbeater" also saves on the electricity used and the heat generated by the use of a tumble drier. I do really think that this is a fantastic product in these Green times with an enormous market.

Patrick vesper
321 s. main st.
Apt# 3A
Lake Mills WI, 53551

Hello, my name is Pat and I have an invention idea that I have already started but need help with getting the rest of it going. I used a company to help with the research and to see if there were any patents on it. So far I have gotten the ok from them to move on to the next step. Problem is I just don't have the money to reach that next step. I would love to post this idea here but I am under contract to keep this quite. So if you would like to know and help me out with this I would be happy to tell you. I can tell you that the next phase is design and prototype. We have found a company in Texas that was willing to help make this prototype. Like I said though I just don't have the money to move forward. So I will leave you my information and hopefully one investor will bite. This is a sure thing and I think its great, the company that is helping do the research and design also likes it.

Karlo Larson

This is a mask box for extension cords and cables. It consists of three parts as can be seen on video and pictures. It can be made of wood, plastic or something else. This invention looks simple but can solve great problems. All big historic inventions are simple. I made this prototype and put it on youtube only because you may see it. Hides all those ugly extension cords and cables in our homes. The cables are usually very dusty and dirty. Now the mask box doesn't allow dust to come closer. The cables are always clean. The corners with cables now can look very tidy and cute. The corners with lots of dirty and dusty corners makes people nervous. Beside all benefits this mask box can be one more decoration detail in every home. This is my simple handmade prototype. I think it is the best for plastic industries which cam make billions producing and selling this product for households.

Julie Arcuri
819 E Miner
Arlington Heights, IL

Good Day-Below is a hyperlink to view a YouTube commercial link that I have created for a patent that I hold. I would like to submit this letter and invention for your consideration.

The TapperTender device is a great addition to a bar product portfolio. I am a part-time bartender who has been so busy that I would have loved to been able to use this invention, and my other bartender friends think it is a great idea. It is extremely reasonable to manufacture, the profit margin would be huge, it can be made out of acrylic, steel, aluminum, or any material you like and can be produced in any beer company color with the company logo. The purpose of this invention is to save time and allow one to multi-task in the service industry, there are multiple quick dispensing devices, i.e. straw dispensers, fork and spoon dispenser, etc.

I have some marketing strategies and ideas, but I would really like someone who is looking for someone who has ideas as well as strategies also. The patent for this device also contains the ability to add a sensor arm or a hybrid system to shut the tapper handle off automatically as well. If you are interested in discussing purchasing the rights to this device, please contact me at:

Please use your volume as this hyperlink has a voice over as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRBc3IReNdg

Stephen Dickens

Hi my name is Stephen Dickens, I invented the water battery, which can power low energy consuming devices like wall clocks, led lights, motors and so forth. The water cell is a type of cell that uses only water with no added salts, acids or other chemicals. I have a live cam which displays these types of devices running on the water cell at http://blinkyblue.zapto.org I am looking for funding to further improve the water cell and get provisional or non provisional patents on such. You can contact me at my email at stevensrd1@yahoo.com or my phone at 336-372-1665

Steven Cano

The new DermXtract System is a long-lasting, reusable product that provides a thorough, complete cleansing to combat acne and other dermatological conditions. The DermXtract System hosts two separate water containers on its base – one for hot water, which is used to open the pores while cleaning, and the other for cold, which closes the pores during a final rinse. The water from these containers is projected through a hand wand. It applies heated water to open the pores, applies a gentle abrasion to clean deep within those pores, and then closes the pores with cold water. It even accumulates the water used within a separate container.

The product utilizes a unique combination of proven skin care methods and will be a profitable addition to the thriving skin care market. Please visit our website at: http://www.dermxtract.com to learn more. Please reply at your earliest convenience because the timing is perfect and the demand is at its all time highest for the DermXtract System to enter the market.

John Potenza

1Step SwitchCovers is a specially designed series of covers that prevent the accidental painting of plug outlets and light switches resulting in considerable savings of time and materials to the Construction Industry and consumer-driven Home-Improvement industry. Produced from a durable plastic, the components of the 1Step SwitchCovers would be molded, shaped, and sized to cover the various electrical fixtures they were intended to shield from paint. They would measure 3 inches high, ¾ to 1 – ½ inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide. 1Step SwitchCovers is patentable based on a recent patent search.

Laura R. Wilson

My brother and I have thought of a terrific invention and we know that it works because we used to do this as kids...Well First I'll tell you how it came to be and then you can draw your OWN conclusions as to how it can be produced. When my brother Geoffrey was still in diapers and I was say about 8 or 9 years old, we used to cut out the old diaper boxes into the shape of a skateboard. Then we'd skid around the house on them and it was an absolute BLAST! So I'm thinking that my invention "The Carpet Skateboard" can be cheaply and easily made using some Nerf material and some shiny thin plastic in which to slide over the living room carpet with. I know of a company that says they produce this invention from start to finish for $24,000. This is what I would need. In exchange I'd give you 20% of the royalties from this product. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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