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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Tina C.
Serious Investors ONLY!

I know in fact as a mother of three, ages 15 months to 16 years old, that parents WILL INVEST IN THEIR CHILDREN when they will not invest in anything else. Now days home builders make bedrooms and closets so small, so I have came up with a solution to make a bedroom all in one. This is a parent’s solution to fitting a bed, toy box, play area, closet for clothes, books shelves (for the young readers) and study space for a small bedroom or any size room. It combines all the necessities a child needs for her room. As it stands I have 10 people already putting their order in. I figured each item would sell for $1600 or more. 10 x 1600=$16,000.00 already sold! I just need help getting them into reality. For more information please contact me.

David Dearholt

My name is David Dearholt from Reading, Pa. I have 2 ideas/inventions that I'm skeptical to post publicly because it seems a lot of the other inventions posted on here seem complex, expensive and some just pointless. I own a small moving company so the one idea/invention has been used to make our jobs a 100 times easier. The other idea/invention relates to couples (not sexual). I've presented it to several dozens of people and they all said without a doubt they would own one. Not expensive to construct and personalize. email me for further detail

Ray DeYonker

DVD Storage Unit
My wife decided to store all of our DVDs in alphabetical order in nice boxes that would fit into our entertainment center. (Do you see where I'm going with this, yet?). My two teenage girls didn't have TVs in their rooms, but they did have DVD players. So, at night they would root through the boxes choosing a DVD of two to take up to their rooms to watch. Well, with hundreds of DVDs to choose from this often took quite awhile. Additionally, putting them back in the right boxes became a chore as well. And, whenever a birthday or holiday came around, more DVDs were added to the collection and so did reorganizing the boxes. Now, lets throw in the neighbors, who would often come over and borrow a movie or two, and try to keep track of that situation. And, that is when and why my invention was born.
This storage unit provides convenient, neat storage of a DVD collection. Allows for easy access, which saves time and effort. And, it eliminates unsightly, cluttered shelves, or the need to root through boxes. This unit serves as an alternate to conventional entertainment centers (with many people going to flat screen TVs on their walls) and can feature a stylish design to match home decor. Interested investors can contact me.


This jug allows a controlled and direct debit (flow) during the liquids transfer. You can use it for any kind of substance that you can pour without loss! Prevents in a significant way overflowing so excellent for the environment. No pollution. The containing jug is simple and easy to use! Reduce at most the wasting! Sylvain L'écuyer

Diane Torris

Introducing Twistie Fries!
These average size french fries are TIGHTLY wound together into a tasty, twistie treat that come in a variety of flavors such as regular, seasoned, spicy, cheesy, ranch, zesty orange, honey-glazed, paprika dusted, garlic, chili...and even a variety of dipping sauces to go along with it such as honey-mustard, ranch, nacho cheese, garlic-butter, cheesy garlic, spicy orange chipotle, sweet n sour, or bbq sauce. They even come in fun colors for the kids!

A&S Swimmee

The purpose of the Swimmee flotation device is to assist both children and adults who may be apprehensive about swimming in front of others, or uncomfortable with the regular outer waist level flotation devices. This flotation device should be used as a safety tool or used as a supporting device, when learning how to swim or for recreation. The Swimmee will also provide the buoyancy and stability required while in the water. May also be used to assist disabled persons in aquatic activities.

Shawn Kincaid

Hydro-powered space heater. This space heater involves a boiler, a heating coil, water storage tank, and a blower motor. I have designed a prototype that works well. This is another option for cutting those heating bills. Further testing is needed to obtain the square footage this space heater will actually heat. So far testing results have concluded around 800sq.ft. I will release further details to parties interested in investing or purchasing this prototype.

Lynn Bell

This invention will change the way video games are played today. Without a doubt this will be a world wide phenomenon. There is no other peripheral on the market and there is definitely a huge market for a product like this. A wise investor or a few wise investors would be wonderful. I have played video games since my teenage years and having two young boys that play now, this would be a great invention to supplement and new game system. The residual income from royalties is endless.

Joe Morris

I began playing and coaching volleyball in 1984. I am a student of the game. I have a series of inventions which provide specific training for the different skills that the game requires. Some are designed for schools and clubs who have courts and net systems, while others are designed for home use, neither a net nor court are required. USAV estimates 12.3 million volleyball players in the US. It is the most participated girl's youth sport in the country.

David Goldsworthy

My idea for an invention relates directly to the fitness industry and is to create a device which is able to assess muscle damage after weight training and give the person a reading on whether the muscles have fully repaired. At the moment when doing weights the trainer is never sure when they have fully recovered. As a result some trainers train to soon again while others may wait too long. By being able to know when the muscle has fully recovered it will definitely enhance a weight trainers program efficiency and lead to greater hypertrophy.

Travis M.

At some point, you will be in a position to respond to an emergency. Of the population, only a fraction of people are trained in first aid, leaving most helpless in this position. My invention fixes this problem, and makes everyone able to act as a first responder, to any situation. I am certain that this would be a great selling product as it could be marketed to everyone, including public entities. Contact me for more information.

Mike Yodsnukis
524 Front St. Warrior Run, Pa. 18706

This new item will eliminate finger tip pain in beginner guitar players. Many students give up practicing because they cannot make a decent note or chord, because holding down the strings causes pain in the finger tips before calluses are formed.
This new product will stop the discomfort in the finger tips, which will be one less problem for the novice guitar player to accomplish, and continue their dream to become a famous " ROCK or COUNTRY STAR"

Lynda Wilson
4955 County Road 429
Van Alstyne, Texas 75495
email - dwilson180@netzero.com

The Laminun cross - Designed and Created by Almighty God. Laminin is a Cell adhesion protein molecule that God created “to glue” the millions of single cells in our bodies together. Prior to the invention of the electron microscope, no one had ever seen what the laminin molecule actually looked like. It is very reassuring and comforting to realize that God chose, in his infinite wisdom, to shape the molecule, that literally keeps us from falling a part, in the form of a cross, which would become the symbol that binds us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. - Patent Pending The Laminin Cross will be made using Sterling Silver, Platinum and Gold, as well as Copper to be worn on a chain around the neck, a matching set of earrings, and a bracelet in-set with the cross. Some of the Crosses will incorporate Diamonds, Pearls and other stones for effect.

Wayne Salhany

Use the Soapy to wash yourself in the bath or shower. It is more fun and effective than a mere washcloth or sponge. Soapy is a huge improvement over a cutting a simple hole in a sponge. The Soapy does NOT let the soap slide out! Sew one (or two) for your family. A small piece of elastic, a small sponge and a piece of loose-weave cloth is all the material you need.

Christian Corvair

These days every one seems to have gold fever so why not have metal detector tennis shoes ! Also its good exercise "treasurecise" this is just one of my inventions I have more! So are we working together or what?

Hannah Prosser

My first invention is one that people will usually think pointless, until you realize how it can help. On a usual drinks can, once you open it you have to drink it and in the car it may spill. A bottle is usually too big to fit into a handbag whereas a can fits well. The snag is, that it'll spill.

My invention:
On a pepper container there is a sliding plastic piece which shuts off anything escaping pepper sprinkles, its similar to my invention, on a drinks can there will be a sliding piece that will let you open and close the can, safely, with ease. As it'll be plastic, there is no risk you'll cut your lip! I have many more inventions, so email me at

Harry W. Thompson
512 468 4088

Check out Hydravise. com on the web. This is the first legitimate 3 in 1 tool in a long time. It is a bottle jack, a chain vise, and a pipe bender and can be used as a bench vise. We are in the process of contracting with the world's largest hydraulic jack firm. To date we have made great progress towards a contract and everything is moving slowly but a contract is in the near future. We are cash strapped and are forced to offer for sale somewhere between 5 and 20 % of this patent pending invention. Please contact Harry for additional details.

Bert Rackett
5401 NE 56 St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73121
405 427 6721

Landline telephone text messaging device. A desk telephone stand with a 40 character display, a software text editing program, and a drawer containing a folded keyboard. The modem and error correction schemes are novel, allowing a five dollar processor to accomplish everything. Text messages of any length may be comfortably typed, then sent as a voice message (no additional charges). Messages that actually contain information.

Brian McGilton

I have a few ideas I need to get an investor for. I would like to say New flying object, New fuel system, New power transmitter, earth air filtration, earth uncovered meaning finding resources underground, bullet repelling. My ideas are from Nikola Tesla with a twist of my own. I need to explain my ideas and make them possible.

Emily Wheeler & Michael Perreault

It may sound rather disgusting, but it is actually very good. My boyfriend and I discovered this when I had him mix both orange juice and chocolate milk together when he couldn't decide between the two. I dared him, and shockingly he said it tasted pretty good, like creamsicles. The trick is, you can't use just ANY chocolate or orange juice. It has to be the following: Tropicana (no pulp) Orange Juice Nesquik Chocolate Powder It doesn't necessarily matter how much of either you put in, nor does it matter which goes first into the glass. Do it how you feel is comfortable for you, and try it!

Francisco Lopez

exomark1 is a exoskeleton mechanical body amour use to accelerate the user, one limb power a other visa versa it will help you walk easier run skip faster jump higher and withstand impact, hyper energy flow thru limbs as your exomar1 study vital signs from user to tell if its doing its job, interface HUD will pin point users location and map out area in detail for better plot take over. I created this war machine for military personnel, "lets bring em back home" hyper acceleration with human interface, hud view helmet, body amour against bullets, bomb impact shock absorber keeps exo body parts intact and fully functional, "exomar2" marine habitat underwater camo suit invisible while submerge in water hydro fan for underwater navigating first aid self operation kit "if and when user its knock out first aid kit will deploy within the suit giving medical attention to its user" weapons attachments video controller for based visual and robot control all this descriptions put together bring a new machine not seen before to a world with endless possibilities I have posted some animated sketch as I do not wish to post real actual pictures of the suit for security reasons I do hope you guy understand but I have a vision and its up to me to make it happen all I need is a partner with resources that I do not have once I get my first invention out there I have more inventions to bring a new life to this world of us, let do it together.

Robert Bonilla

Hi, My name is Robert Bonilla and I have an electronic personal security device. This is not a gadget, it is a sophisticated piece of equipment. This device will not harm anyone but will help people be safer from criminals. This device could also be worn by Law Enforcement Officers as well. I don't have a patent on my invention so therefore I am limited on how much I can say at this time. Thank You

Randy Campbell

I have invented a product that will revolutionize parenting. My invention is simple to manufacture and very easy to use. It is simply put brilliant. This idea started with a dream and believe me if marketed right, could end up in every home. Just to give you an idea it puts the most important qualities of life in to our youth and does not require religion or government to be involved. You may respond to this email and possibly be apart of something huge.

Michael Perrin

Hello, my name is Michael Perrin and I am here to explain the Cellview. The main purpose of the Cellview is to provide an apparatus for projecting duplex video and audio tranmissions between two cellular phone users at the same time. In the era of globalization, the ability to communicate effectively is vital to the success of businesses and individuals. Conventional method of video telecommunicating is via a computer and webcam, which may not be accessible when on the go. The Cellview is a detachable display screen with built-in camera that records and transmits video images to another user utilizing the same technology. Connected to cellular phones via a USB cord, the housing unit designed with a 2 1/2 " LCD screen is equipped with speakers and an earphone socket.


The Shower Manager is not only a shower timer, but it also cuts the water flow when time is up. You set one of three full flow time settings: 5, 8 or 11 minutes. When the full flow time expires, the water flow is cut by 2/3, leaving just enough to finish rinsing. A 5-minutes reset interval prevents the bather from extending the shower. Installation is easy, it fits between the shower pipe and existing showerhead. No electrical connections are required. In a typical family of four, with the savings in water and energy, the cost of the unit will be recovered in less than 12 months. ShowerManager.com

Necessity is the mother of invention!

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