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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Anywhere Wireless iPod Touch Internet

Invention Summary: Have you ever seen people with their laptops in the park and being able to access the internet? Or what about their iPhone? And you want in on some of that action as well, but you're stuck with an iPod Touch that can only get internet by WIFI. Well my idea is to create an adapter for the iPod Touch that is similar to the wireless internet receivers that connect to laptops. It can either come as a piece that is capable of receiving internet, or can simply be an adapter for your current wireless internet connector to your iPod Touch. (Since the wireless internet connector uses a USB and can not directly connect to it)

James Nailen-Smith
Tel +61 8 9313 4373
Cell +61 8433 816038

I am looking for a suitable investor(s) to purchase a unique product that could revolutionize the DIY building industry. The product has been assessed by an Australian Inventions company who believe it will sell millions, worldwide. With a potential retail price of $70 to $90), there is a very lucrative profit for the investor. I am looking to either sell outright or take a lower fee plus a percentage of profit. Serious investors only please.

Joyce Ort

My A.A.B will revolutionize and make the old wooden docks of the past a distant memory. With just the push of a button located in the storage house watch and be amazed as the storage house doors open and your new A.A.B. rolls out into view of your envious and curious lakeside neighbors. Finally a boat dock that does not rot or rust or succumbs to the harsh elements of Mother Nature. Again by the push of a button your new A.A.B. retracts and safely stores for the winter. 479-435-5234 ask for Donley

Corey Schmitt
352-410-3992 or 352-799-4114

1) Nerf Tune - The basic Nerf football, but when thrown a great distance instead of a straight pulsing whistle it whistles a tune.

2) Black Magic - Either a cigar or cigarette basically anything you smoke that produces smoke how bout a wrap or paper that burns a specific color.

3) Under armor winded- The common football receiver glove made with the top half black mesh over top your hand and instead of the whole hand grip only the tips of the fingers, thumb and the center of the palm be grip cause that what you use to catch a ball anyways. Light and a lot of common sense.

4) Cordless head phones - who's tired of tucking or clipping wires to your clothes why not 2 Bluetooth like devices in both ears that pick up and connect to the iPod or updated mp3 players.

5) Hip hop hero video game- self explanatory really, almost like guitar hero minus all the rock but actually popular hip hop or light rap music. You still you drums, DJ kit, microphone, and guitar but this game allows everyone to sing cause from person experience its a little embarrassing singing rock songs all out loud a lot of people like more chill up beat music. Very Attractive!

Ben Canter

1) Product to "finish" the construction of hunting-camping-or remote homes. This product is not only quickly applied but will apply onto any surface (log, OCB board, plywood, etc.) Very attractive and blending as well.

2) Product to assist in toilet seat lifting; for ease of reach for those with medical issues who have trouble bending and also serves as a reminder to perform the task. Applies quickly by anyone and manufactured at a very low cost.

William Maynard
2751 N. School Rd.
Weidman, MI 48893

This machine is a generator that is powered by air pressure of positive and negative potential. The air motor has four cylinders that are pulled and pushed by the release of air in a sequential timed order. The timed order is determined by a valve system that will open and close by the induction of electrical current in a square wave – positive and negative. Both pistons get the air power from two sets of two air flasks that are charged by an air compressor that draws a greater amount of air than is used by the air motor system. These flasks are designed to switch from charging to powering as needed.

Ryan Robinson

"The invention is a cycle vehicle which is driven by a unique propulsion system. This propulsion system is based on linear-pump-action instead of curvilinear-crank-action used in a conventional bicycle. The entire cycle vehicle is enclosed in a plastic canopy. It also can switch to electric drive. A person driving this vehicle is reclined backwards at about a 50 degree angle with their feet on two foot-pads, pumping their legs back and forth."

Phil Swayz

I am starting my company called 6solutionS with a product invention-toothpaste innovation called a Mollii.

I am in production of a Toothpaste Divider Slider aka "Mollii" which increases the amount of nozzles on a single tube by fastening itself as a cap attachment. This is the most sanitary method second only to having multiple assigned tubes which is why the dispenser is a failed product by definition of an approval worldwide. I am in product manufacturing stages looking for a developed final prototype with packaging and a business plan aiming at word of mouth through product sampling in the major populated areas such as NY where bathrooms are normally shared by a family along with their single tube of toothpaste with a straight to shelf initiative. I know that this will be a necessary commodity for children and adults with children allowing them to feel a deeper sense of personal individuality replicating their private tooth-brush. I am looking to produce the largest quantity of product to insure market saturation. If this interests you at all please contact me so we can proceed in a timely fashion while there is no current competition.

Kiethen Eugene Davis

Invention Summary: An idea has come to me as to how approaching emergency vehicles can forewarn vehicles in their paths, thus clearing the path ahead which would result in saving lives and avoiding accidents. As a private pilot I can see where modifying some of the devices we use in navigation could easily accomplish this task.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Logan Belding

This invention will generate electrical energy without the need of any fuels or batteries. This can be made small enough to power a couple of electrical devices or large enough to power a city. It is not wind or solar or anything like that but the parts needed to make it work are plentiful and easy to get.

Sara Shahzadi

Iranian Inventor, MITRA CHERAGHI, Member of International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA Agent in I.R.IRAN), Member & Senior Advisor to the Iranian Inventors Association, Member of Inventors and Innovators Society of Iran & Iran Specialists Association.
Inventor of: Comprehensive Intelligent Control System of Gardens & Farming Lands For the first time in the world.

Considering the increasing need of human being for producing more agricultural products and also enormous constraints on water and other required items throughout the world, the design of a system was suggested that in addition to monitoring important agricultural parameters can carry out intelligent controls to achieve better results. This invention is a small machine that has 2 parts including Slave and Master and is equipped with LCD (touch panel) and RTC.

The Master is a part of the machine, which is installed beside the farm at the control room, and has the responsibility of giving and controlling information.
The Slave is another part of the system, which shall be installed in required numbers in various proper locations, depending on the largeness of farms.

The sensors of this system are installed in various and strategic locations of the land and sending the information to the control center that can create a possibility that the information will be controlled and the statistics reported.

Advantages of using this machine:
• Full monitoring of all important farms parameters including environment temperature, environment humidity, soil temperature, soil humidity, etc.
• Saving information of each sensor at the memory and drawing the chart of changes
• Automatic control of different processes such as irrigation ,etc.
• Reducing the time spent for caring the land with remote controlling.
• Sending information from Slave to the Master in the form of wireless.
• Existence of solar batteries at Slaves and continuing their work even at nights using the chargeable batteries
• Possibility of receiving the information of land from remote distance with the help of cell phone.
• Possibility of controlling land information from remote distance with the help of cell phone.
• Possibility of connecting various types of analog and digital sensors with Slave machines located in the land.
• Possibility of connecting the Master with computer and sending the information to computer.

J. Burns

Please proceed to google.com type zololtd into the quick access box, and view the end of a century old unorthodox relationship between cosmetology students and the shampoo bowl. A simple, practical, and affordable solution is currently being used by students, in the Houston, Texas, and Gulf Coast areas. with rave reviews, this is my contribution to furthering education in the Cosmetology field, in which I work, please view the video, and see the demise of the one armed, and one handed cosmetology student, its all self exclamatory, more information about investment in this original, and unique product, can be procured, by addressing the email site jburns@zololtd.com

Caleb Metzler

Hello my name is Caleb Metzler. Thank you for visiting my invention listing. The idea I have is very innovative, has low production cost, and a high sales potential. The consumers that would buy and use this product range from ages 9-60 years old. I would say that is a pretty large age group. It doesn't matter what sex or race you are, or what type of person you are, pretty much anyone can be potential consumers of my invention.

The invention I have replaces something already produced and that has been successful in sales. But my invention puts a completely new and innovative twist on the product for many reasons. The product I plan to be selling is a liquid cooling cup. Keep in mind that the idea of a cup that cools your drink without ice has been around for years and made millions. That is why it is time for me to introduce my twist to the invention. Now we've all seen lots of cups that store things cool and warm, but my invention is different. We all know that when you need a cold drink on a summer day you have to add ice. Well, this cup is designed to keep your drink cold on that hot summer day but not have numerous chunks of the ice in your way of drinking the actual liquid. So with that said, I will introduce you my invention. This cup will be plastic and have two separate layers to prevent "sweating" of the cup. But the most important part of the cup is the plastic insert disc that fits into the middle of the cup. So, basically what you do is put the ice in the bottom of the cup, then put the insert in and fill with liquid. The plastic insert will have numerous holes so when you fill the cup with your choice of beverage the liquid can get through to the ice which will cool it. Now if you look at it the ice is under the insert so, it wont get in your way of drinking the beverage but it still cools the liquid so you can enjoy the drink. As a result the consumers would be more pleased with my invention for many reasons, including the fact that it will cost almost half the price other liquid cooling cups cost. The liquid cooling cups that are currently sold to the consumer cost anywhere from $15.99 to $19.99. The actual production cost for these are about $7.50 per unit. But keep in mind my cup is just plastic and the others have under coolers and freeze gel to cool. To sum this all up we as Americans buy these overpriced products because they are the only ones available...as of now.

The nice thing about these cups that I like is that the customer buys these on a hot summer day to conveniently cool their beverage, but the ice they add to the beverage doesn't get in their way, so they can actually enjoy it. Another reason my invention is better is because my cup doesn't have an under cooler or freeze gel in the sides to cool the beverage. This makes the product cheaper because it is just made of plastic. But, this plastic will be heavy duty and there will be extra money to do so because this cup has no special add on to cool the drink, just ice at the bottom. So that will prevent falling apart of the cup months or even years after it was purchased.

The actual cost of this product from the research that I have done, shows that it will cost approximately $1.08 per piece. That is after the set up charges that are implemented in the production process. This invention will replace an already profitable and very popular item that is currently in the marketplace, and has been around for years. The profits that the beverage cooling cups have generated is in the millions. And it has increased each year. Mainly because of the popularity of the specific product. The invention that I have, could sell for about $9.99 or more. If it were to sell at that price, then you can see that there would be a $8.91 profit made on each piece. After you take out packaging, transportation, and market promotions, then you would net approximately $11.07 per item. That is an exceptionally good profit to be making per piece. Not to mention that there will be millions of these sold in the first year, or even the first half, actually.

Dave and Annette


1) Hi, I can develop an artificial window, that functions as a normal window does. Now you as the potential investor would wonder, hmm?? how would this be a viable marketable innovation? I cant say anymore in till partnership has been established with interested investor, but I guarantee that it would sweep the nation, with a magnitude of orders. come on investors lets get with the program, not investing and holding on to your money wont make you money in these trying times, and if government passes a law that you cant own gold, and you appose this law then it could be confiscated without compensation, imagine that?? If I was a investor this is the first place I would look for the instigation of a strong viable money generating economy. Ideas is what puts people to work, not just talking about it Mr. President of the US of A.
Note: same guarantee would be upheld to potential investor as all my innovations, that I would then invent, once business contract is in place. (no investing consultants please) only investor(s.) thanks.

2) If you are a company that distributes water, and wishes to make your water safer to drink, even though you have instigated all that is required by law (FDA requirements). I guarantee that the general public will recognize this as a extreme improvement thereof, thus making your company the leader in water distribution. this improvement would only consist of a slight modification of your production line, at very little cost. regards Dave.

3) Attention all women, I can develop a special device that would give you peace of mind and guarantee that you will sleep at night. This device is green due to the savings in what product was previously used to perform this task. I would like to be involved in producing advertisement that pertains to the said device. Once investment contract is in place, then I would invent the device. Thanks regards Dave


Cam N

Basically its a dog collar with small solar panels to collect sun light. The idea of this product is to help find your dog at night...eg if you have a big back garden (etc). Or if you dog has escaped. With customized dog names attached to the collar, your dog will be easier to find at night and less chance of them being hit by a car. The main customers this will attract will be animal lovers and people who know a good idea when they see one.

Kimberly Kjnieper.
1145 sumac rd
Pulaski, TN 38478
931-292-5404 or 931-298-5004

Hello, my name is Kimberly Christianson. I have an idea for a glove to wash your car with. The soap is already in the glove. All you have to do is add water and wash your car. when you are done, just throw it away. It also comes with a finger scrubber for those small spaces in your rims. no more getting out the soap and bucket of water. No more carrying the heavy bucket all around the car with you. If you would like to contact me about investing in this idea. Thank you for your interest.

Brett Turner

Hello Coffee lovers, my name is Brett Turner, and this is my coffee idea product proposal. I'm thinking of calling it Clear balance Coffee Stimulation (drinking) Basically you take a natural edible non taste gel that sustains heat for a long time at one temperature for 5 minutes or more. Then you place the gel inside the coffee cup where the drink is, so that with the first few drinks of coffee the gel is still heating the coffee as it is in your stomach for more potency and balance. The gel will connect with the coffee, and is a non-laxative also. The gel has to match the true balance of every different coffee bean, its not as easy as it sounds. It's different on different bean types and brands. It has to match the balance of the compounds in tap water, and the bean heated structure. So, when you drink coffee it goes down in different temperatures to the body, slowing down the true beauty of balancing the coffee. My true balance will save the coffee commodity market a bundle if researched to the last drop going down the body inch by inch, blood drip by blood drip by cell everything (true balanced)

2-Dzerzhinskiy, 22
Vladimir Godovalov

A sectional folding up garage door refers to constructions with moving sectional elements intended for closing apertures in buildings and edifices. The area of inventions application is its use as automatically operated door both for private and commercial use. A sectional folding up garage door provides the sectional panel lifting up in a vertical plane, folding such a panel in consecutive order by two sections inside a premise as the door is being lifting, and piling compactly inside in the top part of the aperture. The door includes a panel of sections joint one by one like accordion, a frame and sections power mechanism.

The only feature, which unites this invention with the traditional overhead model, is their common type of designs with sectional type of door. In other words, the doors are technically formed in both constructions from sectional panels. The rest in this model is new as well as its acquired characteristics.

Firstly, the model is fully compact. These sectional panels are accordion folded at the top of the opening and finally they take a little space and don't hand over your head - unlike the traditional ones.

Secondly, there are no torsion springs, the potential dangerous elements which can be the source of injuries for their owners as it is in the traditional model. Accidents of this kind occurred in the history of exploitation of these doors.

And the last, the third difference, which is not reflected in the patent, because any new thing reveals all its properties not at once - is the possibility to replace panels on the new construction. If the traditional model has a parameters of torsion spring strictly corresponded with weight of all sectional panes which can not be changed, then the weight of panels in the innovation model can vary in a broad range. And moreover it can reach 250 kg (with cable diameter of 2 mm), what is three times more then it is admissible for traditional construction with standard size of panels. So, here the weight of door can vary in wide range, having no impact on the other construction characteristics. It means that sections can be produced from various materials - Plastics, wood, metal, glass.

Therefore, the sectional folding up garage door among other advantages such as full compactness and lack of torsion springs, has additional attractive innovation - the removability of its sectional panels. For instance today you have a glass door, over a year a wood, etc. You should buy only a basic design and change the panels whenever you want. It is economical, comfortable and innovative solution at the same time.

See the YouTube video how it works, youtube.com/watch?v=sB70pklybHc

Patent of Ukraine 45043, US patent app. No 20100287840

Bruce Lavigne
Entrepreneur/Developer of StrikeMate Sensor System™
(203) 982-9999

I have developed a new product and currently have images of my new product (non 3D), a website (in development) and created a logo that is currently registered with the USPTO. This new product incorporates a “sensor” used for ice fishing applications and is proposed to dominate the industry with this new product due to very low market competition. It is currently not patented as I am unable to produce funds for this needed service.

I have a manufacturer who provided a very reasonable quote to prototype this product and since I am unable to produce the funds needed (50% upfront and the remainder upon completion) to produce this prototype, I seek investors for a total amount of under $7k – of course, this cost does not include the mass production of this new product.

A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation has been created outlining the application for this new product and interested investors are asked to send me an email which I will reply with an NDA to be signed and emailed back to me. Upon receiving the signed NDA, I will then forward all data and material for this new product to be reviewed by the investor(s).

C. Miller

1) I would like to find inventors for my new copyrighted kids board game I call Quakers. its a fun new board game that teaches kids how to count using +' and -'s. 1+2 = and so forth. its a fun board game with two ways to plat just for fun or as a fun learning tool for kids.

2) Hello am seeking inventors who would like to invest in publishing or helping me publish a kids book i wrote called. The Adventures Of Me And Mrs. Appletree. It is a four small book or volume set of four small books. The adventure stores help kids learn different things and there are 4 kids who do fun things with Mrs. Appletree while they learn things. Already copyrighted and ready for print and art work and so forth.

Elena helena
Elena helena_evg@hotmail.com

A Desalination Unit being developed by Russian engineer to produce fresh water from sea water. The unit powered solely by solar energy. Maintenance costs will only include pumping salt water into the unit. Once raw water - from sea or brackish sources - is pumped into the system the solar-powered unit begins to produce safe drinking water from salt water. The unit operates independently of any external power source (electrical or diesel). No chemicals used in the purification process. It is fully automated system and only requires periodical cleaning of the top clear surface. Each panel is 1 sq. m. and weighs 12 kg. Approximate cost of one panel is $13-15. The system was tested in Moscow region on 07/12/2011 (windy weather) and produced 1.2 liter/hour of fresh water. The system can be assembled from several panels depending on amount of water needed. Installation of the unit has low cost and is very time-efficient. On average, maintenance and running costs are considerably lower than costs for electricity-powered units or fuel-powered units. This is because this unit is completely independent from any external energy source (electricity or diesel).

Spence Cezar

I have an idea to make cell phones waterproof. So that all people can not only protect their phone from water but when wanting to use their phone in a shower, pool, and etc. It would sufficiently work.

Rev J Derrick Unger III

New Energy Source - converts minor temperature fluctuations to electricity (creates voltage via a basic modification to the simple generator design)

About me: I'm going to school to be a conceptual physicist. I'm the broke designer, not the engineer

Conditions: If you're serious, you'll have an engineer ready to tell you it'll work he can work out any specifics of the device and troubleshoot any design issues that may come up. that's not my job. I come up with ideas I have a good number of ideas just as noteworthy as this. a satisfactory business relationship may result in future contracts only serious offers ready to transfer the equivalent of a decent CEO's annual salary to my bank account immediately without a consideration period need contact (we are talking about a new way to tap a readily available energy source, after all) This is well-documented and the design witnessed. don't waste our time trying to screw me. I'm a cold and calculating individual.

Terms: device named after me, large upfront initial payment, permanent royalties, this offer is non-negotiable.

Alex Koveskali
Aleat Concepts

Investor needed. Money to be made from my two piece exercise product. Prototype built, tested and approved by the users. Low costs to manufacture and assemble. Your chance to be part of the revolutionary product. I have a working proto type of exercise equipment, I call it the M-Deb (multi directional exercise ball), it is a hand held exercise product and It consists of two parts only. With the user on his or her knees the exercise machine in two hands the user would work out a large and various number of muscles from the thighs up including shoulders and arms. This machine can be sold with two smaller M-Debs which are built the same way and are used for other exercises but in the standing position as well, for the older unable to kneel. I see this machine being used in physio therapy as well as home and gym. I also have other associated products that can be sold as individual or as a package with the M-Deb Production costs would be very minimal as it is built from plastic and rubber, or a type of silicone. I also have a new product for plastic bumper tab repair. No chemicals and easy to install.

I need an investor or partner for this project to fund costs of production, marketing and distribution. Contact me for further information, can provide pictures and video.

Dave and Annette


1) Hi to whom it may interest, I have developed well over 1,ooo,ooo (million) new frequencies, well on second thought perhaps discovered, is a better word to use. anyways these frequencies are very exclusive and extremely valuable. so to the investor that should decide to invest will also realize exactly what I mean by this. thank-you sincerely, Dave. note: like all other innovations, inventions, and idea that I have presented on this website are indeed 100% investment (money back guarantee) however should investor's decide after initial startup investment to terminate. (some conditions may apply)

2) Let me start by saying, the law of physics, hmm what are the laws of physics? Are they really laws, or is it what we have been taught? Now we discovered that they do not always stand true, we are finding more and more in our technical world we live in, new advanced applications that seem to defeat the laws of physics. well as we know time is very important and very precious. Can it be altered? Well I believe it can. For some companies time is of a essences and is extremely important and expensive. Now I am asking do you want more time to play with? I believe we could have the laws of time changed. So with the help of a major company's that depends on time and it’s values. Contact me and together we can change it. Note: To the investor's as with all my innovations and ideas, in making our world a better place to live are 100% guaranteed this I promise. Thank-you sincerely Dave. (:

3) Please let me start by saying, there is a certain task operation that normally takes two people to conduct (for safety reasons) that is taking place, and needed all over the world. I have developed a system (electronic device) that yes is already invented, but inventor or who ever designed it does not really realize what they have created. This device would enable one person to complete same task in a extreme safe manner. I have slightly modified this device, therefore making it useful in this application, saving just the USA alone mega amounts of money. But even though they are 14.2 trillion in debt they probably still won’t care. I even offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if for any reason this device does not comply to what I have stated above. note, to congress putting taxes up won’t help, you must sell more then you buy to profit, that is the way it is, Donald Trump seems to know how to do that. Also did you know that probably .0000001% of all that could be invented is invented?? even less then that I would guess (: thank-you, sincerely Dave

4) Imagine this, I have developed a special apparatus, that when used in conjunction with a material” that I don’t mind mentioning due to the fact that other engineers would never figure out” the material is called ****** sorry I changed my mind just in case. So anyway, in the production of electricity in this this manner” prior to using ****** in the mix” I have noticed that only 1/3 or even less could be produced, however when a extremely tiny (micro) amount of the 1/3 of the power which would have been previously produced is used, (to power the apparatus) amplifies output by at least 66% perhaps even more. Note: To investors, all innovations and inventions that I have procured are 100% guaranteed or your investment will be refunded in full ( see other ads I submitted on website.) thanks sincerely, Dave.


Wallace Brown

Hello my name is Wallace Brown I feel that the Tri-Can is the perfect fit for your company. Your company has the capabilities in taking the Tri-Can to it's fullest potential. I see that your company is looking into the future the way that I am. The bright colors of the trash cans is a way of keeping the cans trendy in consumer households and with neighborhood associations. I have found that animal protection has been a major concern and my product (The Tri-Can) has been designed specifically for those issues concerning animals invading trashcans and destroying the look of neighborhoods. The Tri-Can is trendy, functional and timeless. I hope you can review this product and take into consideration the benefits that this product offers.

Christopher Mabuwa

A device that is able to asses different smells in a room. When it senses foul odor in a room it releases an air freshener. It saves on air fresheners as they are only used when needed. Users can also "save" foul air patterns so that in future when such air patterns appear it releases air freshener thus it "learns" acceptable and unacceptable air conditions.

Reg. Jennings

I have invented and have patents pending in Canada and the USA as well my company name has been incorporated. . My product is an LED flashing warning light and I will elaborate on it's use once I have established a legitimate working associate. I have the engineering drawings completed and I need assistance in having a prototype made for marketing purposes. I would prefer to have this made in Canada if possible or meet someone that has off shore connections that can be assured we have an exclusive product. I know inventors always say "there's nothing like this" but from my research there is not.

Peter Webb

My name is Peter Webb and I'm contacting you because I'm trying to get paid for my invention idea of tennis shoes that I know will generate lot's of money. people like Nike and Jordan and Reebok's.

Harry Brett

Many citizens have pets , and one of the biggest statistic was they all had dogs. I saw this gap and I was intrigued on how many old people had dogs , many old people suffer from back pains , so when the dog releases thesis they have to crouch down with a nappy bag , this can cause more pain for them , so I came up with a harness (Doggy-Doo bag) , it straps with just one fastening (Velcro). Before you fasten it to the dog you insert a dog poo bag coiled up , and then when you dog does it business you can simply detach it and dispose of it . Price , 7.99 in the first year hoping to make a substantial profit . The pet industry is large and with my potential I can make large profits

Catherine Jirka
18902 Chickadee Ct
Owasso OK 74055
918 272 1087 or 918 630 3897

 I have designed, patented and trademarked a new invention for feminine cleansing. Have discussed prepared documents/specifications with Doctors and they are in agreement that it is an excellent idea. Doctors suggest it being classified as medical device so prescription to patient's insurance may be covered (in part/fully).

I will need a confidentiality agreement signed to discuss further information, for my legal protection of intellectual property.

Frank Ejere
Comfort Table

1) My invention is a product that will enable a person to pass a dish (or anything) to somebody sitting at the far end of the table without stretching hands. This invention will bring fun to the dining room and make dining interesting.

2) My invention is a product that will provide families with amusement while they float on water. With Poobe Flowers, families can move around on the pool, relax by the pool and beside the sea. They will catch real fun and be elated. Poobe Flower is the ideal toy for fun seekers and game fanatics.

3) My invention is a product that will enable people to use a blender (or a mixer) without clamping hands on the machine. Titool will do this and save him the stress. With Titool, the use of blenders, mixers, etc is made easy. Cooking then becomes fast and enjoyable. And the kitchen will no longer be littered after using a blender.

4) My invention is a product that will save people the stress of going outside to fetch fruits and vegetables for their meals. With Fruitables, one will no longer spend time washing and filling the table with fruits and vegetables. Just empty one or two cans and you will have a healthy, balanced diet.

5) My invention is a product that will keep rodents away from homes, stores and so on. Catbox will save farmers from losing their produce to rodents. Also, people who own the product will no longer lose important documents.

6) My invention is a product that will enable students to retake classes anywhere, anytime and exchange classroom knowledge. With Recall Screens, people can have a broad education and improve their English on their own.

Pamela Levingston
2009 Reverchon Drive
Arlington, Texas 76017

Product Name: Code Red (The Period Protection Panty)
Product Description: My new product idea is a unique washable panty lined with rubber or plastic material to prevent leaks during a female period cycle. It is a panty worn only during the menstruating period. All females will have the confidence of know that they are fully protected during their period and will not be showing any sign of blood stains on their clothing. I have made and worn this panty for myself and for friends and family over the last 10 months. I feel that females all over the world can really appreciate and benefit from a panty such as this one. This panty will not take the place of the maxi pad or the tampon, which still leaks causing leaks and stains. This panty will work with the pads and tampons and prevent the leak from penetrating through the outer layer of clothing.

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