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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Engr. Pablo Rios-Vega, P.E.

My invention, the Kinetic Energy Powered Motor System (KineMot), comprises a method of turning a load, such as a generator, using rotational masses displaced off their center of gravity by intermittent blows of compress air providing a shaft operationally coupled with the load and configured to deliver rotational kinetic energy to this load. A model of this invention is undergoing several improvements and final operational tests.

Tom Kane

A Trimable Propulsion System for Boats, probably the world's first. Has been patented and needs new patent Applications for world wide application. Suitable for particularly small and medium boats which at present are not provided for. This invention supplies a choice of Surface Drive or Subsurface Drive Propulsion in one unit and the drive can be run as a Surface Piercing Drive or as a normal drive with Subsurface Drive giving an operating range of 20 degrees set down or lifted up to Surface Piercing mode while moving. The drive gives many advantages for boats such as shallow water maneuvering and lowering the drive for deep water operation and is great for operating in fast following seas. An advantage of altering the propeller operating depth gives the effect of variable propeller diameter.

Shawn Siemsen
17711 67th Ct Tinley Park, Il 60477

I have an idea for a scrub brush. The brush would be made like a mitten or glove, and the palm would be the scrubbing part of the brush. The brush would be disposable. It would be very easy to get in corners, whereas a regular scrub brush seems to slip out of your hand. This would not be able to happen as you would be wearing it on your hand. The mitten or glove scrubber could be made with cleaning solvent. Please reply to.

Jasper Jones

I have a patented idea called the u-walk. It is a motorized rehabilitation walking machine to help rehabilitate people with hip, leg, knee, feet and ankle injuries. It can be manufactured as a manual machine also can be manufactured as an hydro therapy machine. The targeted markets are: health care industries, sporting goods stores, medical equipment supply companies. I can send you a link to click on to view the concept in motion. Thank you Jasper Jones

H. Tomasz Grzybowski

The goal of the company:
manufacturing of a renewable source of electric energy, which is the cleanest energy source in the World. This energy source will last hundreds and even thousands of years. It will be more profitable than traditional energy sources already on the scale of 1 year, with zero operating costs. It will bring hundreds of GigaDollars per year after expansion of the company.
– Assuming 5% share in the world’s production of electric energy, and price $0.04/kWh, value of the energy will exceed 200 GigaDollars per year.

The market of electric energy for high power applications:

In Poland: 1011 kWh yearly (-> average power 11.4 GW),
Value of the energy: 12 GigaPLN = 4 GigaDollars yearly at $0.04/kWh.

Worldwide: 1.17 x1014 kWh yearly (-> average power 13.4 TW),
Value of the energy: 4.68 TeraDollars yearly at $0.04/kWh.

Competition: majority of energy is generated by burning fossil fuels – it is associated with expenditures on mining, with costs of utilization, with environmental pollution and with dangerous work of miners. Traditional energy sources have to be replaced every decade or so. Solar and wind power sources use rechargeable batteries that have to be replaced every few years.

Estimated manufacturing cost of this source of energy : 250 Dollars /kW
(without the cost of industrial real estate).
Value of the energy produced yearly: 350 Dollars /kW at $0.04/kWh.

It may take up to 1 year to make a production prototype. Physical phenomenon used by this source of energy is a consequence of Maxwell’s equations.

Power plants can be built locally for specific consumers. Energy can be sold initially to customers consuming approximately constant DC power for 24 hours, like aluminum smelters, copper refineries, electrolysis plants. It can also be sold through the power grid, but it will require spending additional capital on inverters and high power transformers.

Preston Kuchar

Hello, my name is Preston, and I believe I have a great invention for you. My idea has to deal with iPods. I think movies should be made for iPods that fit into the area where you would plug your iPod cord in. The basis for this idea is so that instead of purchasing a movie through iTunes and downloading it onto your iPod, which takes up a lot of space for other things, you can purchase these movies that would cost the same, but save the wanted space on your iPod. You would simply slip it in to the charging area and it would play, just like a regular movie. Well, that's the gist of my invention. I would really like to get this invention going. Your help and expertise would be very much appreciated!

Glen Griffin
45 Bancroft tce
deception bay Queensland

I have an idea that could stop cash flow robberies in shops world wide once this is in place no one would want to rob your store most of the software is already in place but it does need to be reworked. This has the potential to make millions world wide and would be a constant source of income for ever. I have a patent pending on this item and I am looking for investors in the cash flow or cash register business industries. Thank you.

Lonnie Virgil
1201 Innisbrook Court
Hinesville, GA 31313
(912) 432-0955

The invention is a vehicular stereo and computer system that enables motorists to have all of the functions of their car stereo system, as well as all computer functions including Internet while they are traveling. Computer Radio is an innovative, state of the art, multi-function touch-screen system, featuring USB ports, a padded, folding keyboard, built-in webcam, navigation, radar detector, wireless hotspot, Bluetooth, and telephone.

Matthew Setzekorn

My name is Matthew Setzekorn. I have a book of inventions. I just need help to get them going I'm willing to give a good percent of profit to partners. I have a few Inventions In the Heating Cooling Field where I worked for 10+ years.

Mary Meaux
10851 Coleman Dairy Rd Lot 1
Semmes, Alabama 36575

 I have an invention idea that I believe can change the way people save their money without having to open a savings account. Basically, it is a high-tech piggy bank. You enter the total amount you want to save and as you deposit money, change or dollar bills, the machine counts it and until you have reached the total amount entered, you cannot access what you deposit in any way shape or form. So, it is an inaccessible safe combined with a savings machine. The amount you want to save could be up to $1,000. Not only does it count the money as you deposit it and stay locked until you have reach the amount you have entered, I think it would be a great idea if it also read the amount you deposit as you are depositing it out loud, making it more convent for people of all ages. It could be different colors, designs, shapes, etc. to fit different people and their personalities. I cannot tell you how many times I started to save my extra change just to break into it a couple of days later for the snack machine at work. I could not help but to think if I had something to put my change in that was inaccessible until I've reach my goal how much easier it would be to save money. I believe it would be popular among all ages. Grandparents would buy them for grandchildren. Newly weds would buy them for their selves maybe to save for their dream house or honey moon. High school students saving for college would find it very useful. Change adds up, especially if you do not touch it and everyone that's tried to save knows how hard that is. I have yet to come up with a name but I have consider calling it digi-save. I am open to suggestions. I am looking for investors to help digi-save come to life. I am open to any ideas regarding designs, names, etc. I think it would be worth your while.


Great inventions for sale or percentage. Great potential and many available to choose from. Inventions range from motorcycle accessories, lawn sprinkler accessories, child monitoring device, cell phone accessories, aluminum ladder accessories and many more... All these devices make life easier and us Americans more lazy. Confidentiality agreement will have to be sign before any information will be share.

Robert J. Buccino
84 Glenvale Terrace
Bridgeport, CT 06610

Reusable/disposable Soda/Beer Can Cap. Prevents spillage, keeps out dirt and insects and preserves fizz in carbonated drinks.

417 766 3690

I am looking to market this concept. if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me anytime

High tech fly swatter on www.123inventions.com

Eric Morgan
23233 E. Ida Pl.
Aurora, Co. 80015

"MORGLOK" ~I have created a device which quickly and easily retrofits to residential or commercial entry door dead bolts to protect them from being picked by burglars, thieves, vandals, etc. Dead bolts can be unlocked from the outside of a door, this device can not. It can only be engaged or disengaged from the interior side of the door. It is intended for "additional at home security". This device is not designed to stop forced entry.

Dave and Annette


1) hi, I have developed advanced electronic circuitry, that allows batteries to last at least 40 times longer then in conventional electronics, now this is not achieved buy converting direct current to alternating current, but a system management I called (pmb)tech, this system will allow your device to operate for several weeks between charging, imagine that. I have sent a proposal to a major electronics manufacture, and they told me that” we don’t think you could develop any thing more advanced then our engineers” and believed that electronics are already as efficient as can be. fellow inventors, don’t let anyone tell you that everything has just about been invented, because only .0000001 has been, probably less then that I would guess. note: to investors, I have no reason to falsify any claims that I have submitted to this website, therefore I guarantee all investments returned if not satisfied. Thank-you sincerely, Dave.

2) hi, I developed a device that is able to recapture lost invisible energy that is leaving your home. now this is not achieved by making appliances more efficient or improving insulation ”r” value. but converting this lost energy into electricity. and no this does not involve solar or wind tech. note: also with all other innovation, developments and inventions that I have advertised on this website, is 100% investment back guaranteed, if investors feel they were mislead in anyway.

3) hi, please let me start by saying, why do auto manufacturers need to produce their hybrid vehicles so complicated, and who can afford to to spend 6,000.00 dollars on a new hybrid battery? let alone the price they want to charge for the vehicle in the first place. I guess one must use the money they saved on the gas, so how do you win? well you don’t, in my opinion. however I have developed a hybrid type of vehicle (schematic only) of course not a prototype, where would I build it? in my basement. anyways the design I developed, how I have done this is by the realization of other inventions that have been procured but inventors (engineers) that do not realize the potential of what they have created. imagine non battery hybrids therefore all fuel savings goes in your pocket (: due to this new concept I have designed there are even greater advantages created, but can not be discussed at this time. for more information on this subject contact the email address above. note: all my innovation, inventions, or modifications of other inventors inventions are 100% investors investment back satisfaction guaranteed.


Ryhan Durham
Watertown, South Dakota

My invention idea is for your refrigerator that will organize bottles and cans together. I have done and invention evaluation on the idea, with the results for the record. I also have hand drawn blueprints for the design. This idea is sure to impress, it just needs a investor.

John Davis

We have a provisional patent on a twin injected piston motor. one part cooking oil the other part water. First the cooking oil is injected into the inlet then ignited in the piston chamber. Valve shuts. Then the water is Timed and is injected over the combusting cooking oil. H2o releases and expands. Only small amounts of each is needed to accomplish the same as petrol. Would you be interested in operating your motors in this manner. (Change over is simple.) P.S. Please refer to Mythbusters episode : Greased lightning for more info

Tabitha Mazzanti
285 Beach Ave Pasadena, Md 21122

My invention is called build-a-bra. Its the newest thing out there. Save money and not only that, but you can create what it looks like. All us women out there have a hard time finding the right bra well, this right here is perfect. You can choose cup size, straps, designs for the straps, whether you want the front Velcro or  maybe with a zipper Or maybe you are going on a date and you want to wear a plain bra but look fancy for them special times? Well get some fabric and slap it on. Easy as that. You don't want to pay extra money getting surgery because you want your boobs bigger or smaller we have just thing. Its all about creating your own. No worries about the bra because its all about you. You choice everything you want on your bra and well, your good to go!


End Enterprises is located in Brisbane Australia and are seeking an investor willing to invest in a self sustaining renewable energy device. Over the past 3 years we have built 27 prototypes and have recently completed 90% of our 28th. We are seeking funds to purchase components needed to complete the device. We envisage the device will be ready for the market place within 3 months. This device operates without the need of any power source eg: batteries, fossil fuel, solar, wind, nuclear, magnetic nor perpetual motion, it WILL revolutionize the supply of power to numerous industries globally. A full synopsis is available upon request.

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