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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Dominick Chozas
4708 Cedar St. #311
Omaha, NE 68124 USA
(402) 813-9480

My invention is used to protect vehicles from minor to major hail and storm damage. It can be stored in the vehicle and used anytime severe weather occurs. It is simple in design, and can be sold in retail and auto parts stores internationally. Drive anywhere without worries of severe weather and insurance hassles. No garage? No problem. Use it daily. It only takes a few minutes and minimal effort. Small prototype available to see.

Eric Jaffe
(217) 847-6535
work (319) 524-3900

My invention is sure to make LOT'S of money!!! I already had a patent search done and I am good to go! My idea will change the break lights on automobiles forever!!! If I had the money I would take the next steps by myself, but this is something we can both make a fortune on!

Terry Wilson

TyKeep Patent Pending

This invention is an “iron-on” extra tie loop that can be strategically placed to hold the small end of a tie in place. This is in response to the fact that in many instances after a tie is tied the small end of the tie is not long enough to pass though the original loop. When this occurs the small end of the tie can become misaligned. Since most men or even women do not sow this product employs iron adhesive to secure the device.

My success criteria is to sell someone the license to produce and sell this product for an initial fee and residual percentage of sales.

Randall Graham

Hello, I work for the Atlanta Fire Dept. where I have been for 15 years. 20 years total fire service. I have an idea for finding fire hydrants on emergency calls during the daylight hours and night also. We have tried all sorts of stuff from glass dust to blue markers to brighter paints to painting the streets. I drive the fire engine, so I feel this idea is awesome. I feel that most major departments can use this idea. Simple and cost effective. E-mail me back if interested. Lets make a buck and help the fire service world wide.

Mike Petrie Sr.

Unique insulated wall system, finished exterior/interior surfaces. High R-value, uses zero lumber, earthquake proof, buoyant. Eliminates many construction steps. Entire homes can be made from material. Have negotiated license agreement/company IAC. Selling 5-20% future royalties (100k-400k) Excellent return.

Brian Michael Flickinger
51 Roycraft rd
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 247-5814

My Mattress invention has not been patented, I did a patent search and this product does not exist. This product can be used for any seat pads, pet bedding, and hospital beds. This unique product is non-toxic, will never break down and can be guaranteed for life.

Tony Messiou B.Sc., M.Sc.
526 Braunstone lane
Leicester LE3 3DH
United Kingdom

I am a professional design engineer with a successful record of innovation.
I have developed a sports shirt that enhances cooling and comfort . Independent, university tests show that it out performs high performance fabrics . I seek investors , including those in clothing related industries to develop and market this world-wide. Market sectors include tennis , golf and racquet sports. Addressable market is large. Patent is GRANTED in western Europe; pending in the USA. no agents please.

Christopher Mabuwa

1) Smell Detector ~ A device that is able to asses different smells in a room. When it senses foul odor in a room it releases an air freshener. It saves on air fresheners as they are only used when needed. Users can also "save" foul air patterns so that in future when such air patterns appear it releases air freshener thus it "learns" acceptable and unacceptable air conditions.

2) Bright Lights ~ It is a product that is lit as a candle and blown off as you would a candle. However it doesn't get used up as a candle. It uses technology that directly mirrors the sun by using various natural gases in the air as fuel. This technology enables it to shine as bright as an electric bulb despite using no electricity.

3) Toxins In Drinks Stopper ~ A simple device that stops any unwanted toxins, minerals or chemical in a beverage from being consumed by a user. It comes in different versions. One stops caffeine i.e. it de-caffeinate beverages, another stops excess sugar to name just a few. This is not a power tool. It is designed for cheap, simple and quick usage by an ordinary person in his or her kitchen.

Stanley Ohanugo
Buichke Nigeria Limited,
P.O. Box 7320,
Marina Lagos

Invention Summary:
Precepts Crossword Puzzle™ is a board game with patent and copyright registered to its inventor. The game is a Bible game targeted at the global Christian audience. The constitution of the game – simplicity of game rules, elimination of ambiguities & introduction of engaging levels of complication – are configured to meet the requirements of a world class competition game. Precepts™ is suitable for family entertainment and a sustainable competition game for future sport activity among Bible readers & Churches.

Precepts Crossword Puzzle™ offers significant benefit to the worldwide Christian community and will be accepted as an unconventional Bible teaching medium – apt to promote the reading of the Bible. Hence, exploiting the marketing advantages of being the first universal entertainment offering that meets the entertainment preferences of its audience.

The inventor is seeking partnership with an investor to manufacture the card game for distribution. Otherwise, the sale of patent right to a US/Europe-based marketer; to manufacture and sell the product (compliant to the inventor's copyright to the intellectual property). Buichké is adopting a lean manufacturing to minimize yield time: production-to-market period for the first consignment is between 6 – 8 weeks. Precepts Crossword Puzzle™ is a highly viable offering that will give investor appreciable ROI.

Tony Dallojacano
Middleton, NJ

I have an invention that will revolutionize the market on pump bottles. My invention would not be a large cost to the consumer but would alleviate that annoying end to the fluid at the bottom of pump bottles that you can never get out without unscrewing the cap. It can be used for all pump bottles with a slight modification on the existing building machinery. I am looking for an investor that would either like to buy my idea outright or take over the idea and pay me royalties. We could discuss this more upon your response.

Tony Rankins

I have invented a lawn, trash, bag that is faster and easier to use. It is called The Fast and Easy Lawn Bag. This is a bag that really cuts down on time doing yard work. It has been tested and has come through with flying colors. This bag has been researched and there is nothing out there quite compared to it. This bag will do away with stuffing, continuous bending, and ease pickup.

Matthew E. Dedewo

The M.E.D. Mobile is a vehicle designed for road, air, water, and eventually outer space. It does not have an engine nor does it require fuel; however it does use a cheap and abundant natural resource. Light enough to meet FAA Sport Utility Aircraft requirements, sturdy enough to share the roads with other vehicles, and can be mass produced for under $50,000.

Dennis Kharoo

My idea is called ‘’The Swinging Cycle Saddle’’. It’s a bicycle trainer but the main focus on this trainer is the saddle. The saddle is designed specially to train the abdominal area; the whole concept of the saddle is that it swings from left to right so when you’re working out on the bicycle trainer your training your upper and lower abs. I designed the ‘’The Swinging Cycle Saddle’’ a few years ago and tested it, I can assure you that this works perfectly well giving amazing results in a short time. It gave me perfect results and I know it will work just the same for others. A demonstration video is available upon request showing how to work it and the results I got from it.

New Invention - ‘’The Swinging Cycle Saddle’’ New Invention - ‘’The Swinging Cycle Saddle’’ New Invention - ‘’The Swinging Cycle Saddle’’

Akintunde M. Lawal

Topical Analgesic Lotion ~ This invention relates to a topical analgesic lotion or gel that would be useful at relieving fever, toothache and body pains in children and adults. It is composed of an active ingredient, 8-20% aqueous Ethanoic acid (Acetic acid) solution which can also be substituted with 8-20% Vinegar. The analgesic effect of the above solution is enhanced by mixing the above solution with some peppermint oil. The invention could be applied to the skin, teeth and other body parts as a lotion or gel. A lotion is produced by mixing Vinegar or aqueous Ethanoic acid with peppermint oil which are then homogenized with any suitable emulsifying wax. To make a gel, a suitable thickening agent e.g.Xanthan Gum is mixed with some amount of Vinegar or aqueous Ethanoic acid to make a paste, 5-8% Peppermint oil is incorporated into the gel.

All the ingredients of this invention are cheap and easily accessible. This preparation is safe, biodegradable and would easily get speedy FDA approval. The clinical trials could also be fast-tracked as all the ingredients exist in the US and British Pharmacopoeia.

Fever, pains, toothache and general body ache.

Rickey Davis

I seem to live in a small town in Anguilla, Mississippi. I Have a product called eco-cap which is a device that contributes to the world going green or better yet that is environmentally friendly. How ever my product is much more different then any other product. It saves over 1,000,000 lives each year in the USA alone. My product simple attaches to any car truck or any auto vehicles and catches all of the harsh chemicals that come from the vehicles. How ever I need an investor who likes to be hands on and very concerned with the project. I need to simply just need to reconstruct the product and afterwards I will have Davison invention company to market the product for me. And yes I have work with this company several times. So if you are an one on one investor that have 10,000 to invest and expect great return but also love saving the lives of our loved ones who die from cancer please email me so that we can get started. Check out the Eco-Cap website ideasupport.net/view/9lyacl9424xecw1a/

Dan Hoglund

I live in central Minnesota. I have developed an Ice Fishing "tip-up" unlike the rest in that it works in conjunction with the user's own rod and reel combo's. I hope you are in the northern states and can identify.

For the sake of pictures I would like to direct you to a website in Wisconsin. www.lake-link.com go to - Ice Fishing Forums and the thread is called - Box Tip-Ups As in other forums it play's out from the bottom up as far as entrees and when. It is about 14 treads down from the top. This, though crude at best, should give you an indication of if it is something you can help me with. I can always add further disclosure later. I have references from some extremely high profile professional fishermen. It's complicated, at least for now it the closing stages of utility patent. It has just recently been withdrawn from appeal brief. I would like to add that my utility patent issued on October 26th of 2010 also I now have a video on youtube.com search - dragonflagdano

Craig Rosvall
Home/Fax: (909) 271-8787 • Fax: (909) 919-1769

1) Ergo Body Twist ~ I have been concentrating on ideas of exercise tools or machines that will be fun to do and yet be a great exercise tool. I have come up with one that as of yet I have never seen like it. It is somewhat a full body exercise tool. A machine that would draw you to get on and use. I think it would make a real impact in the exercise world and a very successful machine. A full body twisting machine that only works you as hard as you work it.

2) Ergo Arm Twist ~ A hand, forearm contortion tool. To twist, stretch and contort your arms with resistance for the hands and forearms. Uniquely designed like no hand, forearm, wrist exercise tool I have ever seen.

3) Ergo Hand Grips ~ A comfortable hand exercise or therapy tool designed to exercise the hand and forearm effectively. Would come in sizes and strengths (resistance) to custom fit the hand of the individual. I feel hospitals and sporting good stores would definitely want this product.

Jose Luis Perez Amaya
Calle Mayor 51
19133-Berninches (Guadalajara)
mobile phone:0034-692311312

I offer a project of New airbag for cars.. (Would be commercialized Worldwide...)

I offer a project of Power Station-:on magnetic System.. A powered Shaft on magnetic engineering each Unit, A number of Units would move Thousand's of generators.

H. Tomasz Grzybowski
tel. +48-512-933-540

Breakthrough SOURCE OF ENERGY that violates the law of energy conservation. I have  PROOF that there are electrodynamics phenomena that violate energy conservation. I am looking for $6M for a prototype and patents. It will be highly profitable: I estimate that in mass production it will cost $1200 to build a 6 kW generator - value of energy produced yearly $5400.

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