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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Adam Anderson
Northbridge, Minnesota USA
(612) 306-8252

I have a product that will revolutionize the food storage industry in the country. My product will replace all conventional food storage methods in both residential homes as well as commercial restaurants. I have hired and spent thousands of dollars on market analysis for this product and have currently a patent pending. Its inexpensive to produce and it will replace conventional food storage containers that are on the market today.

Jack Abraham
(907) 720-0882

I have a sketch for an invention that can potentially revolutionize the entire refrigerator industry because the design helps to prevent the enormous waste of food in this country. I simply don't have the money to have it developed. I am willing to share the rights to this with anyone who is willing to help me get it off the ground. I am not a greedy person. I wish to use most of my share to help other who are in need as I have been. There is so much suffering and I know money can't help everything, but it can do a lot of good if used properly. Thank you so much for your time.

Clevon Harris
119 Magnolia St.
Athens, AL 35613 USA

My invention is made for vehicles. The reason I believe it will sell millions is because NO ONE has done this before. This could be added to older model vehicles and some people have said that they believe newer models may later include them. I have been told things like "That's awesome!", "I want one!" and asked the question "How did you think of that?". If I can find a company to make this product the rest will be history. People will look and wonder where can I get one?

 Charles Jackson
1189 Eastview Rd NE, Conyers, GA USA
(678) 413-1647

A New Design in Window Blinds for Licensing or Sale of Patent. It has sections that connect. The bottom of a section to another blind section top. Connecting more than two sections is also possible. It has slat and lift controls in each section for independent section control. Section color and texture are optional. Light control is simplified.

We have used the multi-sectional window blind for more than four years. It works.

Melissa C. Simpson
The Bottle Bender

Baby-Bottle Accessory: Potential to bring multiple benefits to a very large percentage of our population, our babies. Prevents ear-infections, tooth-decay, would be inexpensive and easy to use. 140,000 babies are born every day world wide. In America 27% of all infants' ages 2-4 suffer with tooth-decay and over 10,000,000 children are brought to the doctor for ear-infections every year. Feeding with a standard bottle is the #1 reason.

Sustainable Electricity Generation System
Patent Publication No. US-2011-0181049-A1
Alex Yan & Andy Ho

This invention could be the answer to solve the Energy and Environment crisis. By harnessing solar, wind and heat through the designed System which causes a geometric increase of strong airflow creates mechanical energy thus generating electricity. The “low input, high-yield" design enables the System to generate electricity continuously, even in the absence of both wind and sunlight. Two million US dollars are needed to construct an experimental power station and further develop the commercial megawatt power generation system. Controlling energy to master the future

Ken Miles
17 Poppy street
Primrose - GERMISTON 1416
South Africa

I have designed and made a model of a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission) automotive gearbox. Extensive research indicates that it is unique and completely different to all existing CVT gearboxes currently used in the auto manufacturing industry. It works on a positive drive system, unlike other CVT boxes that work on the principle of a sliding drive belt or similar, which has numerous disadvantages. It has large power handling capacity and is efficient. It is fully Patentable, and there patent rights could be worth many many millions of US $$

The above information is an extremely brief summary, and a fully detailed description can be provided with back-up information.

Gaurav Sharma

I have a wonderful idea to twice the energy used. Now it is possible to produce twice electricity through existing dams by modifying them.

Scott Neil
Cell: (757) 714-0620

My idea allows motorcycles to be securely transported without compressing the suspension.  This product is self contained, effortless to use, requires no modifications to the motorcycle and has been successfully tested to hold over 1500 pounds. 825,000 new motorcycles are sold annually in the U.S. alone.    Domestic profit potential for this product exceeds $12 million for each 1% of market penetration.  Seeking partnership or $250,000 to $750,000 for marketing, product development and product line expansion.

Sentinel Products
P.O. Box 984
Alta Loma , Ca 91737 USA
How to Beat Your Auto Dealer and Drive Away Smiling

How to Beat Your Auto Dealer and Drive Away Smiling. "When was the last time you were told that you were UPSIDE Down on your trade in?" In other words, no Equity on Your Trade... "A proven method on how to buy your next car." How did you feel the last time you bought a new car? Now you can feel confident, safe and secure. You're in control! Now, you hold the keys, for the first time.

Colin Jackson

The Aphid Eliminator. I have Invented a Garden Trigger Spray which is designed to Remove Aphids and Insects from Garden, Green house and House Plants using only Water. The success of the Aphid Eliminator comes from its very cleverly engineered nozzle. It produces a very fine spray of water designed to destroy Aphids, such as White fly, Greenfly and Insects but here is the second reason for the success of this Trigger Spray, when sprayed under the leaves it removes the eggs which cannot survive off the infected plant. Hence the breeding cycle is broken and hey presto No More Aphids. The benefits of using The Aphid Eliminator instead of chemicals are quite easily explained. Chemicals do not remove the eggs so Infected Plants have to be regularly sprayed. The Product is Market ready, complete with Blister Pack, Backing Card and an In-Store Demo DVD. The potential of this product is enormous as various chemicals are soon to be banned.

Larry Jordan
(904) 755-5372

Ladder in road causes crash, see news story: firstcoastnews.com/onyourside the ladder fix. People are being hurt and killed all over the country, this will prevent many accidents, it will also save money on lawsuits, hospital bills, insurance cost and loss. Go the way of seat belts!

Petra Currie

My Idea is about the "Silly Bandz" that are out already. I was thinking about "Silly Hairbandz". The "Silly Bands" cannot be used to put in your hair because they are like rubber bands and hurt to pull out. I think that kids would love them because they can put them in their hair. Mostly girls would use these but that is okay because from what I have seen mostly girls wear the "Silly Bandz".

Walter Pierre
(450) 991-3223

This invention is call: "Hole Ball Game". it is a sport's game, like tennis, basketball or golf, it is not a video game. We have our copyright from the Canadian government and our Patent and Trademark from the United States. It is ready to be manufacture and market, we have a prototype available. It can be play with a ball, by one or team of two players. This game made a serious impact at the "great Canadian show" on Nov. 6-7-8,2009. We are positive about the market that this invention can generate. We are looking for serious investors. See our Patent and pictures of the game at The patent site: "hole ball game .com A demonstration is possible or video is available on demand. Please call me at my contact number. Thank you! - Walter Pierre

Robert Donarte
:01530244019 mobile 07544976354

The DRI Waterless Toilet System. Selling convenience: taking hygiene to the developing world: saving water. The Invention benefits from the following. Intellectual Property. Proof of Concept Prototype. High year on year growth potential. Exit Route with excellent ROI. Positive Cash Flow ( Internet Sales). Perpetual income. Investment Ready. Supported by Comprehensive three year forecast. Profit and Loss accounts/Cost Centers. Cash Flow Forecast.

Andrew Child
606 Farm Road
Lowell, Vermont 05847

Centrifugal Thrust Drive - This invention uses the center fleeting forces that are created when an object moves around an arc. I have created a shape where the lower portion is shorter than the upper; this shorter section creates smaller outward forces. In this equation you have a large force offset by a small force, you create a net force that can be used for thrust. This can be contained and amplified in a way that creates enough thrust to allow objects to fly without the need to throw fuel out of the vehicle (rocket), and allow takeoff from a static position.

Centrifugal force equation Fc=(mv^2)/r. Where Fc is centrifugal force, m is the mass being moved in a circular motion, v is the linear velocity of the mass, and r is the radius of the arm at that moment.

Rodney Cartwright

This invention will change the way we view all hand held devises and view devises in our homes. This invention will not only change two major electronic markets but will create several more. With some help from the right investors this invention can be put on the market soon and will place all involved ahead of all and any competition. This invention will change the world forever in a positive manor. It can be produced with the technology we use right now. Its the future right now. I am looking to present this to a major electronics manufacturer. It will work. Serious investors please

Steve Ball

Hello my invention is a safety climbing peck which in difficult situations the head detaches from the handle leaving it embedded then when needed a new head can be inserted from a holster, my opinion is this will be very useful I am looking for a finance investor for a 50% share anyone interested please feel free to contact me

Jesse Dovick

I would like to present my invention to an investor. As I'm sure you know, inventions can be touchy things and I would rather not discuss details in this format or without signing of NDA's. I can however give you a description of what it does.

The device is a rotary motion extender. It uses several principles of magnetics to continue motion put into the device for a longer period of time. Preliminary tests show that the device once completed will increase motion 10-20 times. IE a wheel with nothing attached given a push turns 10 times. Attached to my device using the same force would result in 100-200 rotations. This can be applied to many applications such as wind power or human electric vehicles.

Troy Shaler
"Logo Sticks" logosticks.webs.com
(419) 967-0369

"LogoSticks". Illuminated, Decaled and Audio Equipped Crutches for Marketing, Entertainment and Recovery. Crutches are immediately visible and yield the right of passage in all of most instances. This common recovery aid, in novelty form, could provide the lead on a path not traveled by any marketer to date, while entertaining and enlightening the patient during the recovery period.

Logo Sticks Professional football player with Logo Sticks Logo Sticks Logo Sticks

Barbara Lindley
2140 w Morten
Phoenix,Az. 85021

After 25 years of ironing, to insure a kempt appearance for the men in my family. I have discovered something that keeps the pleated pockets &,flaps on men's cargo shorts perma pressed.  It is very simple to do & costs next to nothing. This will work for cami's & , military fatigues as well. So, the market for this is unlimited. Looking for royalty deal.

Steve Royall
301 806-3494

1) Executive golf putting aid with ball storage.

Putting aid for use on carpet or bare floor. No ramp or incline the ball has to climb. Storage area for golf balls and/or collapsible putter. Designed for executives and a great gift for the man or woman who has everything.

2)Inline skate brakes ~ Inline skate with brakes and flexible ankles.

Inline skate with brakes and flexible ankles. All wheels remain on the ground. Brake with left, right, or both feet. The flexible ankle allows the skater to comfortably flex the ankles up and down.

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