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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Paces: The Energy Alternative
Jean-luc Brochet

"Paces" is a high performance heat pump electronic process. Besides the traditional heat pump use, this process would allow for a system of electrical production by cooling the environment. All explanations are given in the website.

Sylvia E. Lasher
Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA

The Caddy
My Invention I believe will help patients in the hospital that are on an Ivy drip be a little more flexible to move around in their bed. I thought of this idea after my many visits I have had as an inpatient in the hospital in the past.

Slide A POP
This invention will help to prevent a gag reflex when children consume the inside of this product, and parents will like it because it will prevent a lot of stained clothing, plus spills and drips on the floor and carpet. I thought of this idea when I saw my grandchildren gagging on this product. Most kids love this treat and also teenagers and adults.

Mothers care Crib and Mattress
I thought of this design for a baby crib. After I became a grandmother, this would prevent baby from getting their feet and legs caught in the runs of the crib, which I have seen happen a lot to my grandchildren, and cause them pain. I also designed a different idea for a mattress for soothing a baby to sleep.

Tiny Trim
Would permit an easy inexpensive painless way to shape eyebrows and bikini lines without tedious and time consuming tweezing. It can be produced in a disposable shaver. Men may also appreciate it for grooming their mustache.

Royce Dyar

I have a patent pending on my product and have already been selling them from home. I have a website at triptrike.com. The interest and need has already been proven but I don't have the funding needed to pursue this in the way that it should. The potential is HUGE with this product if I can just get connected with that right special someone with vision and the capital to back it.

triptrike triptrike triptrike

William Jefferson
702-482-2382 ~ 702-281-6474

My name is William Jefferson and I am in search of parties interested informing a working relationship and partnership. A person or people who really would really like to make a true impact on the EV market. I have a very impressive revolutionary cutting edge prototype motor. That will speak for itself. In 24 volt form using a small electric motor , Taking its torque and multiplying it 12 times and supporting a 24 volt alternator . So please contact me if interested. I can be reached the email given or call at

Will Meeks II

A handheld device that has a list of the amount of carbohydrates in different types of food by surface area. When used you would select a food and then scan the food with a topographic scanner and it would say the amount of carbohydrates. It would have a on-screen display of the topography map created and tell you the amount of carbohydrates by grams in the food by surface area.

Manuel Lemus

I realize when You folks read this you will think I'm nuts but that's ok really. A lot of my friends and relatives laughed 15 yrs ago when I told them what I had in mind. Then the laughs stopped about 5 yrs ago when they saw what I had built. I decided 15 yrs ago to to play around with an idea of an Air Generator. This Generator would operate utilizing Solely Air as a sustainable natural resource along with other technologies in the production of electrical power well this unit works!! No Fossil Fuels No Flammable Gases No Pollution Period!! Now my quest is to continue the second phase of My project and am seeking some "No Guts No Glory kind of of Individual" who is not afraid of being laughed at, to step up to the plate and entertain a Venture that is at the ground floor. By the way I am at the patent pending stage my friends and have a Market waiting on the side lines to get their hands on this Air Generator.

 Jeffrey D Collum

With portable or cordless power tools, being utilized by so many people these days. They seem to be such a conveyance, that is until the battery runs down. My idea has market potential. It would also allow the consumer to keep using that same tool, It would make the same power tool, being what ever type, more convenient. Thus allowing you the use of the tool when electric power is available, and also helping to save the consumer on the costly replacement of batteries.

Stephen Bowen

The idea is a rug type pad that would roll out on your couch, loveseat, chair. ect to keep the pets off. The pad would be made of smooth rubber bottom, and the top would be harder rubber cleats about 1"high. spaced out about 3" the cleats would not hurt the pets just make it uncomfortable for them to lay on the furniture. storage should be easy since it can roll up and go under the couch.

Val Heuvel
Cypress Gardens Blvd
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Ph: 863-269-8400

My name is Val Heuvel and have a bakery/ cafe in Winter Haven Florida. I created a Zero carb, Zero gluten, Zero soy/dairy/wheat bread. It is a very popular item in my store, since it serves people that can't or should not eat bread. There is nothing like this product in the market place.

I'm looking for an investor/ partner in taking this product to the next level. I need seed capital to establish a larger production facility in order to operate in bulk and to start an effective marketing campaign. The popularity the bread currently enjoys, is just due to local word of mouth, but its broader potential is tremendous.

Lawrence Voon

Briefly, my invention intends to benefit the vendor & manufacturers of these common safety equipments for its consumers of road and haphazard environment. And enhance the Integrity of Test & Measure Authorities in ensuring more stringent & transparent testing quality standards are deployed for endorsement on public safety requirements with these additional simple safety features at minimal cost.

Chelsea Wheeler

Here's a whole new outlook on pacifiers. To start off with at each age milestone you have to buy new pacifiers for the nipple size. Well, not anymore. You can buy 1 pacifier with the interchangeable nipples for each stage. The reasoning is simple, people spend so much money on different size pacifiers. When now all they have to do is use the same pacifier and a different nipple. Also, with this pacifier it has a vibrating system in it for babies who are teething or have sore gums. the vibrating system goes in the base of the pacifier. The pacifier will come with 5 different nipples. They consist of Newborn, 3 Months, 6 months, Soothing Teether, Weaning nipple. The base will be blue, green, pink, or white. The circle will be a baby design or the parents can buy a kit and design it themselves. The pacifier kit will be roughly around $20-$35. The decorating kit will be $5-$10.

Trevor Booth

My simple but powerful invention removes Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and heavy metals down to undetectable levels in aquarium water! I do not use resins, sponges or chemicals . What is unique is the dimensions of this equipment, it is very compact. I am seeking help with development patenting and marketing. This product will revolutionize the aquarium industry and has applications in industry. An operational prototype is available to view. Construction costs are low.

Paulo Muller

I developed a revolutionary technology that make house and buildings with many floor, with a cost very low, until 50% less cost. And that constructions are very resistant, the more resistant in all world. The technology that I call " Smart forms", because the are the evolution of the oldest concrete forms. In USA, have companies like Western Forms, that produce forms to constructions that make houses and buildings, but only structural parts, more or less 40% finish of the all construction. With my technology, the building will have, windows, door, walls with tiles, and etc, until 95% finish. I use less workmanship, less time too, and my forms have a low cost than of them cost. I need two million dollars investment to make a company to sell it to world in franchising system. The profit with this business is two billion dollars per year, only in USA and Brazil. Time to install the company, and start the business is 18 months. Thanks

John Hunter ~ Angelica Torres

Our idea has to do with food preparation for corn on the cob. These items are a cleaner, and more convenient way for preparing your corn. We have noticed that dinner time has become quite an ordeal when it comes to serving corn on the cob. With our product, it will eliminate a lot of the extra preparation time. Corn on the cob lovers will appreciate what our product can do.

James Holmes

My name is James Holmes and I have a patent pending trash can handle called the " grab it". Don't you hate pulling your trash cans out first thing in the morning and condensation from the top of the lid get you work clothes wet? Don't you hate hitting the back of your feet while pulling your trash cans. Don't you hate touching your trash can before you go to work? This handle allow the user to be further away giving more control and leverage. The" grab it " also make heavy loaded trash cans very easy to move for all ages. The grab it also keep the lid from falling over onto the user if trash can is over filled. The grabit is universal

New invention - Grab It trash can handle New invention - Grab It trash can handle New invention - Grab It trash can handle

Ben Watkins

My name is Ben Watkins I thought of a new design for a sports shoe about 6 months ago. I haven't really gone through with much I tried to do a patent search but they wanted £500 and I can't really afford that . But with the Olympics coming up my design can go on a athletes trainer and a football boot and many more .. I think you will really like my idea and see it as the next revolutionary design in sports shoes . We could make a killing from so many different markets. E mail back if your interested and I can go through the design. I just need help getting the patent done.

Tom Falcon

Hi I'm looking for someone to invest or buy my idea. I had my idea researched and developed by davidson inventigration. I don't have the money to have them take it to various companies for review, it cost 350.00 per veiwing. It went to three different co., I couldn't afford to take it any further. So here I am I need help. The e-z cue is an tool to glue a tip onto a pool stick after it falls off during a game. I have professional drawings and a prototype.

Ajay Deep Shukla

I am Ajay Deep Shukla ( B.Tech EE.) from Bhilwara is very happy to say that I have invented a new technology i.e. “wireless power transmission”. Earlier in this field that is wireless power transmission, we can transmit power only up to 5 feet and it has many limitations like bends are not allowed in this technique as the transmission should be in a straight line and it doesn’t give the required efficiency. As when we see the power transmission in form of microwave, then scientists are working on this technology and till now they got 65% efficiency only. To overcome these problems ,I have invented a new technology to transmit power without wire up to 80-100 feet. There is no such limitations regarding straight line. The transmission technique can support bends. The technique is fully efficient and also economically sound. I am also providing security with this technology as only authorized person can operate it. So I think this invention can be a milestone in the field of wireless power transmission.

David Stockton
California, USA

I discovered and invented a method and devises that reduce aerodynamic drag by 64% i.e. it increases the speed and power available, from: motor cars-trucks-all aircraft-rockets/missiles, plus there are internal devises that increase power for piston and turbine engines. There are many items for different applications. Some R&D needs to be done for the advanced items, most are very simple. I'm looking for an investor/partner for worldwide patenting and marketing.

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