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123Inventions is the best FREE Inventors website on the Internet.

Inventions Listings page, Contact us and ask for it.

123Inventions.com is the most popular and best way to join inventors with investors.

www.123Inventions.com has been providing services for inventors since 2002. We have posted several thousand inventions here for people from all over the world. We have brought inventor and investor together in the most popular invention website on the web.

Investors and large companies alike are always searching the Internet to find new ideas, and inventions. 123Inventions.com is one of the primary places that most all investors probably end up while seeking new possible candidates to endorse, and/or purchase idea's outright. In many cases with products they decide to peruse the investors will basically front money, for payback, and a percentage of royalties from future sales. (This is typical, although not necessarily usual, each individual inventors future will vary, and depends strongly on your personal invention, and desire from investors and companies for such a new idea.)

This web site is for inventors and investors. You have the opportunity to make the money you desire. Great ideas have been making money for thousands of years. There are over two million millionaires in the United States alone. Shouldn't you be one? The majority of those millionaires stay wealthy by reinvesting in new ideas.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

This website is constantly expanding and being updated. We are accepting submissions from inventors like you who would like to showcase their invention thoughts here. Investors will be able to visit this web site in search of new ideas. Your idea could be the next great invention. The average person with a good idea does not have the resources to produce and promote their invention. 123 Inventions is the place that will unite the two together - Inventor and Investor, innovators to investors, and entrepreneurs to companies.

Attention Investors:
The inventions and ideas submitted to our site are listed on our Invention Listings page. Each submission has an email and/or contact information. Any inquires should be made directly to the inventor about their invention. The ideas that are posted can be bought outright, or sold for a lesser fee with a percentage of royalties. Both parties will discuss the particular details of a proposal. 123 Inventions will not be involved in the process. Some inventors are seeking investments in their idea(s) for a share of the profits. If you would like more information about any particular invention, the inventor would be happy to tell you more about their idea. Like they say: "You need money to make money."

Attention Inventors:
To submit your invention for inclusion on our web site, visit the Contact page and send us your short version of the invention you are wanting listed.

I compiled a list of investing companies, the contact person(s), their phone numbers, and web sites online. (Plus most have an investment history as well.) You can visit these sites and see for yourself what kind of company they are, and what they have done in the past for entrepreneurs like yourself. I am talking about billions of dollars in investments that these companies have made in the past. Why not cash in on some of their money and let them do the hard work? I have published this list online, and you can view it on the Investment Companies page.

About us:
We planned and succeeded to make this site a great resource for inventors, full of information and ideas on how to promote your invention, get patented, etc. We are also including pages that show cool new inventions from other people. To submit an Invention Listing used to cost $20, but now it is free to all. Simply submit your invention and we will add it to the site.

If you show your idea to a potential investor, you will want them to sign a confidentiality agreement of some sort so that you are protected from having your idea(s) stolen. We recommend having a lawyer draw you up an agreement that you can use. If you prefer to do this on your own, you may view the agreement I made (below) and revise it to fit your needs. This agreement has never been viewed or approved by a lawyer. It is something I wrote up myself so I would have some protection when showing my invention idea to a potential investor. We are in no way claiming that this agreement is legally binding. You are welcome to use it as you wish. Simply click the link below.


Download Example of Confidentiality Agreement - MS Word Format -This is a Word document. You can view and edit it in Microsoft Word or other compatible programs.


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