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Womb Chair - Eero Saarinen - Price: $2,278

"When I approach an architectural problem", Eero Saarinen once said, "I try to think out the real significance of it. What is its essence and how can the total structure capture that essence?" Florence Knoll put forth the challenge of creating "a chair she could curl up in". The finish-born architect and interior designer responded with the 1948 Womb Chair and succeeded in creating one of the most comfortable chairs of the modern era. The chair was designed to facilitate a relaxed posture, providing emotional comfort and a sense of security - hence the name "Womb" to signify its uncommonly tranquil allure.

Measurements: W 40" X H 35 1/2" X D 34"

Materials: Foam core over molded, reinforced fiberglass shell, ottoman of molded foam over molded plywood, free-floating cushions, polished chrome legs


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