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Wherifone - GPS Locator Phone

The Wherifone GPS Locator Phone is the world’s smallest GSM/Enhanced-GPS Locator Phone and provides a totally unique and affordable way for families with pre-teens, seniors, or those with special medical needs, to stay connected and in contact with each other. As well as two-way voice calling, the Wherifone features Enhanced-GPS location technology that lets it be located in lightly obstructed areas, such as many types of woodframe buildings and vehicles, and under dense foliage. The slim, small and lightweight GPS Locator Phone can fit almost anywhere… from a backpack, to a purse, to a coat or pants pocket, or the family car.

Whether at work, home or traveling simply use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify the location of the device within feet, in about a minute.
In addition to the ability to locate or make incoming and outgoing calls, the GPS Locator Phone even gives a child or adult carrying it a new level of security knowing they can also request an emergency response at the touch of a button.

And because it uses the same tested and proven technology as the Wherify GPS Locator for Kids, the GPS Locator Phone is a safety solution that families and businesses can rely on.


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