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Sound Insertion


Services that insert sounds into mobile phone conversations

A growing number of tech providers now offer "sound insertion" services for mobile phone users. Think: ringtones you plug into the "body" of a voice conversation. Sonic emoticons. Ronan Higgins of cafe.com says:

Lightwav for PalmOne Treo smartphones has a feature called "CoverUp Sound" where you can trigger sounds to play in the phone conversation. I hear that this application is popular in Japan with cheating "salary men" husbands. They'll trigger sounds of a train station, a busy office or a bar, while explaining to their wives why they won't be home until later. Single men trigger the sound of a girl in the background saying "come back to bed" to make their male friends jealous.

I use it to insert a bad connection effect: "I can't hear you, you're breaking up on me, I'm losing signal, I'll have to call you back about that. Kshhhh."

Cover-up sound is only available on the Treo® 600


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