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Self-Cleaning Windows

Wouldn't it be great if you never had to clean the windows in your house again? That's the promise of SunClean glass, which is lined with a transparent coating that breaks down dirt (and bird droppings) in the sun. When it rains or you spray the windows with a hose, the remaining residue is supposed to wash away without streaking. Available on a variety of window types for the home, the SunClean technology also works on insulated glass that blocks ultraviolet light.

SunClean self-cleaning glass is a coated glass product with photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties that combine to result in windows that are easier to clean. The durable, transparent coating on SunClean self-cleaning glass is applied to hot glass during the formation process making it an integral part of the outer glass surface.

The photocatalytic properties of the glass' coating are energized by UV rays to help slowly break down and loosen organic dirt.

The hydrophilic properties cause water to sheet evenly over the glass surface, instead of beading. This sheeting action helps to flush the surface clean and to accelerate drying, leaving the glass with minimal spotting and streaking.

SunClean self-cleaning glass can be provided in standard and energy-saving low-E windows. SunClean glass is available to makers of wood, vinyl and aluminum windows serving the new construction and remodeling market. This allows SunClean glass to be one of the exciting new options available to consumers in the spring 2002 construction season.

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So put away the bucket and throw away the squeegee!


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