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Rubber sidewalks, new invention



Rubbersidewalks modular paving is installed in more than 20 states throughout the nation, and the number of cities and homeowners increases every day. Rubbersidewalks are most commonly used adjacent to invasive tree roots. They are modular, and maintainable, and therefore contribute to the preservation of the urban forest, which keeping tires out of landfill.

Rubbersidewalks eliminates the need to remove trees due to invasive root growth. Each 20 square foot installation of Rubbersidewalks saves a tree from removal. Rubbersidewalks allows tree roots to be trimmed in a way that doesn't jeopardize health or stability of tree. Rubbersidewalks saves the urban forest which benefits the environment, quality of life and property values.

Concrete sidewalks cannot be maintained. When concrete sidewalks are damaged they must be entirely demolished and rebuilt.

  • Rubbersidewalks reduces the need for chronic and costly concrete repair and replacement.

Rubbersidewalks can be lifted for periodic tree root trimming and replaced at a fraction of the cost of concrete repairs and replacement

  • Rubbersidewalks allows long-term sidewalk/tree root maintenance

  • Rubbersidewalks introduces the concept of modularity

  • Tripping on uplifted concrete can cause injury and lawsuits


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