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Laptop Stand

For all you laptop lovers of the world.

Lapvantage is designed to meet the unique needs of laptop users. It allows you to place an external keyboard up to 3" under the platform. This keeps you close enough to your laptop's screen for comfortable viewing while preventing back and neck strain.

The faster laptop computers become, the more likely they are to overheat. Lapvantage comes with gumdrop feet that users attach to the top of the platform. This keeps cool air circulating underneath the laptop.

You can extend the life of your laptop by using an external keyboard and mouse. Lapvantage keeps your laptop protected from accidental spills, and reduces wear and tear on your laptop's built-in keyboard.


  • Raises laptop to eye level for optimal vantage point

  • Designed for an external keyboard and mouse for ergonomic computing

  • Includes silicone feet to help keep your laptop running cool

  • Swivels 360, vertically adjusts for optimal viewing, and sports a clear, polished acrylic platform

  • Support arm made from stainless steel

  • Manufactured from high quality, durable ABS plastic


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