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Carbot: Geoblogging With WiFi & GPS Enabled In-car Computers – For the Mass Market!
Damien Stolarz, CarBot, Inc.

What do you get when you combine a fanless 12V computer, WiFi, GPS -– and a microphone? You get an unparalleled audiblogging and geospacial annotation tool. What if you bundle it as an MP3 jukebox that also reads back others' annotations while you drive, creating a community of drivers siphoning data out of the blogosphere? You have the most buzzword-compliant consumer product ever!

The creators of carbot.org and the carbot software and hardware invite you to a discussion that addresses just about every theme in this conference:

Interface: How the carbot AUI audio user interface was designed to allow smooth operation of the headless carbot PC.
Untethered: How the carbot polls for WiFi connections and updates its blogs and email when it finds one -– and how we plan to go about integrating GPRS.
Location: How carbot provides one-click geospacial annotation with GPS and audio recording.
Hardware: How carbot uses commercial off-the shelf hardware plus some homebrew circuitry to work like an appliance, solving the car-computer integration problem.
Social Software and community implications: How carbots create a reality show where people’s geospacial audio commentary is relayed to others, automatically, in their own voices.


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